Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Lileks Slips Surly Bonds, Falls to Hillary

SCREED 2016:

First of all, I'll go out tonight and cast my caucus chit for Ted Cruz. I believe in his principles and character. I understand he is hated by the R "establishment", which is a positive for me.

If I had to pick a 2nd place, it would be Rubio, because he is more likely to win against Hildebeast. He seems "decent". I disagree with his abortive attempts to deal with immigration and his stupid "penis jokes" in the past couple of days, but he is young, and his level of crassness is like junior high fart jokes next to the in your face "schlonging" of Trump. We "screwed the pooch" (following the Trump idiom, a phrase commonly used by test pilots) in the immigration act of '65 anyway. Immigration at this point is a HARD problem -- very close to insoluble.

I really like civility and reasoned discussion. I've realized over the years that since 90% of what people believe is emotionally based and primarily about "what their friends like", the idea that minds will be changed by discussion is a fantasy -- therefore, it really isn't worth a lot of profanity, name calling, blood being spilled, etc. Reasoned discussion isn't going to solve anything anyway. Events either eventually will or they won't. It is in God's hands.

I find Lileks to be wordy, purposely obtuse, and odd -- that doesn't mean I dislike all his stuff, it just means that he is not a thinker or writer that resonates with me most of the time.

This long windy piece ends as follows ... not including the weird old Star Trek clip that makes me wonder about Lileks backbone and real (if any) values ... I suspect it is "Trump Fear". Scott Adams and I cover "Trump Fear" here. I'd cast Trump as a Ferengi if I had to use a Star Trek clip ... but Lileks is a traditionalist -- he likely hasn't cracked STNG yet!

Sorry for taking the long way; could have just linked and agreed. But the author's points deserve interrogation. Short version: no. Long version: hell no. On the off chance history makes marks in a ledger: I will not support Trump if he is the nominee. I will not vote for him. The devil you know is still a devil, and worse yet: you don't really know him at all.

It's  still (for the moment)  a "free country" -- you can vow to not vote for Trump and allow Hillary to win. You can, but if you are sentient and are not committed to single party socialist rule with the Constitution continuing to be shredded and all remaining incentives to anything resembling economic growth being removed, you wouldn't.

Hillary has a plan. Her Masters Thesis was on Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book "Rules for Radicals" to Satan. Then there is the "Cloward Piven Strategy" if you want to dig a bit more. The left KNOWS what it wants to do -- destroy America and create a totalitarian socialist state, They have been doing it since Wilson -- BO has moved the ball a LOT, Hillary may complete the task!

Do you think Trump has a "plan"? Hah! That is both his greatest weakness and his greatest strength! Hillary DOES have a plan, and if it succeeds, there may be ZERO chance of any hope of recovery at all. Is the Trump hope slimmer than slim? Sure. Is he the ugliest R candidate in memory? Well, McCain was pretty damned ugly -- but maybe.

The "I'm too pure to vote for Trump" is just "anger at the anger" or simple snobbery. You think America has any "class" left after Slick Willie and BO? That IS "bitterly clinging"! We are a stained blue dress that can't define "is".  Very charitably we are now the THIRD most powerful nation ... BO licks Putin's boots, draws laughable "red lines" in crayon and kneels to Iran.

We are a broken nation with bad options for leadership. BO succeeded in his "Dream" that he took from his father to destroy at least one of the "Colonial Powers" -- us! Do we want to go quietly into the gulag of Hildebeast, or do we want to at least make some noise if that is what it comes to?

I'm a "pry my cold dead hands" kind of guy. Trump may well be like that, but compared to Hildebeast?


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