Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Love Vs "Logic"


The linked article is OF COURSE about Trump -- only it really isn't. Is it REALLY so hard for people to figure out why Trump is popular and actually could win? Is the media and everyone REALLY this dense?

He's BATMAN! He is even from "Gotham City". Here is a whole Psychology Today article on why people love Batman.  (hint, he's interesting)

Duality and obsession, his enemies’ and his own, fill Batman's stories. His enemies reflect and distort facets of himself. What psychopathologies lurk in the minds of supervillains like the Joker, the Riddler, Two-Face, and Catwoman? Are they really rogues and villains, or simply misunderstood victims of a heartless society? Do Batman and his foes depend on each other?
Figuring out Trump is easy, but is Hillary the Joker or the Penguin? She seems quite a bit more off her rocker than Heath Ledger's Joker, but she looks a lot more like the Penguin. Oh, and people like villains too -- LOTS of people liked Ledger's (and Nicholson's) Joker! If people didn't like villains, Hildebeast (nor Satan) would stand a chance!

Oh, and we REALLY DO love Batman -- here is a whole article on just how much money all the Batman movies have made (so far).

Of the eight Batman films, four of them broke the opening weekend record. One of them came in third. One critically-dismissed (and eventually rejected) installment snagged the seventh biggest debut of all time while the current item has the eighth biggest debut on record as of today. Heck, at this moment, the 8th, 9th, and 10th biggest debut weekends are the last three Batman movies.
What is all this malarky about "Evangelical Christians would repudiate everything they believe in to vote for Trump"?

  1. The media called them hypocrites for voting for Reagan as well -- first divorced president, not a regular church attender, product of evil Hollywood, bad father, hated the poor, warmonger. This is supposed to be new? Clearly, from the POV of the MSM, ANYONE that votes for ANY Republican is stupid, immoral, greedy, evil, Nazi ... oh, you get the point. 
  2. So they should vote for Hillary??? She has DECLARED that she is all for abortion, at least Trump CLAIMS that he has "repented". Evangelicals actually believe in repentance -- but it isn't like any of the past Republicans including Reagan have got rid of abortion either! 
Humans are NOT rational, we are RATIONALIZING! Love is blind said the beautiful woman as she kissed the Moose (well, cow, but same thing). Trump says that he will "Make America Great Again" -- and most of his supporters hang whatever their view is of "Great Again" on that promise just like all the BO supporters hung their view of "Hope and Change". The difference for the media though is that they were so thrilled with BO, it never occurred to them that they were being driven by emotion. 

CERTAINLY humans are motivated by their "hearts and loves" rather than by "their heads and logic". Damn, NEWS AT 11! Have these people missed Madison Avenue 101? Have they ever watched a beer commercial? A car commercial? ANY commercial?  

The article is VERY right that Evangelicals are "in love with the world", their services have become too much like TV shows, their preachers often look pretty much like Trump, etc, etc, but that is nearly as true about Rubio as it is about Trump.  At least some of us Lutherans have traditional liturgy for just that reason -- but we still have trouble with "loving the world". MAYBE the Amish do "better", but I doubt it (whose buggy is nicest, whose horse is more expensive, whose crops are better ... ) ....  AGAIN, "It was for this reason that Christ came into the world!" ... we are saved by GRACE, NOT WORKS -- which of course the media (and apparently evangelical preachers see as "foolishness". 

For a media that is COMPLETELY disgusted that anyone could EVER fail to vouch for the Christianity of BO, their judgement of Trump and evangelicals might contain just a tiny bit of hypocrisy! 

Who is the most interesting candidate in the race? Is that REALLY a "hard question"? Movies, commercials, songs, novels, women's clothes (like a bikini, enough material to cover the subject, but not so much to lose interest!). 

Add on top of this the fact that I've pointed out a number of times that after Slick Willie, four hour erection commercials,  constant profanity, etc, etc, THE STANDARDS HAVE DECLINED!!! 

BO proved that you didn't have to have ANY experience running ANYTHING to be president -- Hell, Trump is a model of preparedness in comparison. 

Slick Wille proved you could have morals that made tomcats look like saints and be president. 

I'm willing to grant that BO's birth certificate was OK, but the media / Democrats / intelligencia could have cared less if BO was a citizen or not -- just like they don't care about Benghazi, e-mails, etc. 

There are NO MORAL STANDARDS remaining for president of the US! (Bill Clinton) 
There are NO STANDARDS OF EXPERIENCE remaining for president of the US! (BO) 

The elite powers that be have been JUST FINE with establishing this as precedent, so why the hell not just elect somebody "interesting"? 

LOGIC? After the last eight years somebody wants to talk about LOGIC??? 

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