Saturday, March 05, 2016

Lutherans For Sharia

Fantasy Islam (Kafir Edition): Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota | Frontpage Mag:

I sometimes hesitate to call myself "Lutheran" due to the "Evangelical Lutheran Church in America" (ELCA) ... they may as well just change their name to "TP" (The Party, Democrat). They are on board with killing the unborn, gay "marriage" and climate change. It appears that Sharia Law for majority Muslim areas is just fine with them as well.

Christ said to love our enemies, he didn't say not to have any! (PJ O'Rourke)

We also don't need to PUBLISH works of fantasy about what we would imagine Islam to be if it wasn't actually Islam. This is obviously easy for the ELCA, as they have imagined a "christianity" that just happens to be the party line of TP -- they just have to stop saying "Christmas"!

Not much reason to read the attached -- the ELCA has published a booklet singing the praises of our wonderful (imaginary) Islamic neighbors. One of the Muslim leaders that is listed as "approving" of their fiction also happens to approve of Hamas, Jihad and Sharia Law ... no surprise at all.

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