Monday, March 28, 2016

Mis Or Alternatively Informed? Great Orange Dragon

Why Donald Trump? | FiveThirtyEight:

Not really worth reading the linked article looking for the holy grail of Trumpism -- anger, white pride, support for police vs Black Lives Matter, economic malaise, somebody that cares about the working class ... it's all there and more. Somehow it adds up to Trump,  and the elite of both parties are mystified.

The reporter accidentally ran into an important truth  however when looking into a Trump supporters claim that Hillary had ties to the KKK beyond "David Duke happened to endorse Trump".

"When I tried that, a picture of former West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd pecking Clinton on the cheek popped up. Byrd was indeed once a member of the KKK and had mentored Clinton in the Senate. So Alysha’s claim wasn’t strictly wrong, though Byrd, who died in 2010, had long ago renounced his membership in the organization.

Political science has shown that Alysha isn’t alone in her doubt. A 2000 study by political scientists found that Americans who have incorrect information about public discourse can be divided into two different groups — the misinformed and the uninformed. The uninformed simply don’t know about a given topic; the misinformed are interested in what’s going on, but their sources of information are flawed. Another study, in 2010, found that when the misinformed were told about their inaccuracies, they held onto their beliefs with all the more conviction."
In this post-modern "truth is subjective" era, who is it that decides who is MISinformed vs who is informed?

Even the left has realized that "facts" and "fact checkers" are not being believed as the "powers that be" in the dominant media, academia and "The Party" (TP - Democrat) decree they ought. The New Yorker sees the "post factual era" and strangely decides that facts ought be decided by "a vote", even more strangely claiming Alexander Hamilton would approve! In direct opposition, the WaPo laments a democracy that could potentially elect Trump and seeks to use the Electoral College, an ACTUAL device of Hamilton's Federalists designed to temper democracy to invalidate the 2016 election if Trump wins the popular vote.

When "our betters" in two elite media outlets are in direct opposition on "facts",  and at least in the case of The New Yorker, have lost contact with both history and philosophy, what are "the masses" to do?

The objective of TP,  it's dominant media, and academia is to provide a monolithic view of what it means to be "informed". The fact that Byrd was a recruiter for the KKK and led the Filibuster of the Voting Rights Act in '64 is something that to be "informed" is to accept as forgiven in the sense of Gods Grace -- no longer remembered. To remember it is to be MISinformed.

"McCarthyism" OTOH, something that was vastly over hyped even at the time, is something worthy of being trotted out as a "clear and present danger" at all times, and it's alleged heavy handedness actually used with far more effect than the supposedly horrific original to root out those who might fail to bake a cake for a gay couple, (GASP) fail to call a 60ish male athlete who decides they are a woman by their new female name, or brazenly uttering some "trigger phrase" in the tender hearing of TP youth.  McCarthy, thy name is evil -- your methods when used by TP are GOOD!

The approved answer is "TP saith what is informed and what is misinformed, and to question the word of TP is blasphemy most foul. Truth is the word of TP, all else is evil misinformation.

And then there arose The Donald, and having exposed the Republican Party as a mere subsidiary of THE PARTY (Democrat, TP), he has created great weeping and gnashing of teeth in the land. How may the people know the truth else they be taught by the wise of TP from whence commeth all goodness, wisdom and sustenance?

It seems that at this late hour, when the word of TP was thought to be holy and without reproach, even in the latter days of BO, "The One", the messiah ushering in the age when every knee would bow to TP and every tongue would declare the righteousness of all power being delivered to TP, there has arisen a prophet from the East,  from the holy city of New York.

Will the combined powers of TP and it's now revealed servant "The Beast With Trunk" find the power to slay the Great Orange Dragon (GOD) from the city that sits on seven islands?

Perhaps this is the last chance to be Alternatively Informed (AI).

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