Sunday, March 13, 2016

DC, A More Wretched Hive Of Scum and Villainy

Only 27,000 of Washington, D.C. voters are registered Republicans - a total of 6 percent.
So 6% Petty Criminals, 94% Hardened Felons. (JOKE ... the 6% are likely a few local businessmen, military,  and Christian Clergy. All the actual government workers are Hardened Felons or they would be "swimming with the fishes" by now!

Unsurprisingly, that 6% went overwhelmingly for Rubio followed by Kasich, with Cruz dead last!

"Those that have eyes, let them see".

For the reality based, there are some very easy factual conclusions here.

  1. For people that work in government, there is a VERY big difference between D and R! Democrats are 100% for more, more and STILL MORE larger government. Even the local businessmen and military don't want the gravy train really upset! 
  2. For the TINY number of R's in DC, they hate Cruz most of all -- with Trump being hated 2nd worst, which is why I'm a Cruz guy, but am definitely Trump 2nd! 
  3. DC is a HELL HOLE of corruption that makes Mos Eisley look a Bible Camp! 

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