Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NC Bathroom Law, Numbers, Pedophilia

Why the lawsuit against North Carolina’s ‘bathroom bill’ is a huge one for LGBT activists - The Washington Post:

First, let's put a little proportion into this nonsense, according to one of the HIGHER estimates out of the NY Times we are talking about 700K people here in the whole US ... many estimates put it as low as 150K total.
Another paper, published in 2011 by the Williams Institute, used survey data to attempt to count the transgender population. It estimated that 0.3 percent of the population, or 700,000 adults, identified that way.

So let's be VERY generous here and conclude that transgender is a "real problem". I assume that even the most jaded among us would consider being a paraplegic a "real problem" and conclude that a very few of them are "faking it". 

So WHY are we AT ALL CONCERNED about people with "gender issues" having to use the bathroom that fits with their biology? 

Do we think it is HARDER to be dealt this unfortunate blow of feeling like you are not comfortable with your gender than it is to have to deal with not being able to move your legs? 

It looks like about 7 million people of all ages, 2.5% of adults, are blind. How is our national level of concern for the blind as opposed to the "transgender"? 

We have sports teams, states and cities talking about boycotting NC because they officially state that men should use mens bathrooms and women should use women's bathrooms. 

Not a lot of solid information on the incidence of pedophilia ... Wikipedia lists it as "less than 5% in males" as an incidence -- COMMON compared to trans at .3 or less!  Does access to a women's bathroom give better access to pedophiles that want to prey on young girls? 

The insanity in this is so great that it defies comprehension: 
  1. We are paying COMPLETELY INORDINATE attention to one very odd group of people many of which are quite likely are most simply "disturbed", while other groups of similar size who are CLEARLY disabled and forced to deal with MUCH more difficult circumstance (paraplegics, blind, etc) are of very little concern to the elite. 
  2. The exposure of children and vulnerable adults in the 99% of the population so that the <1% "don't feel embarrassed" is utterly insane. We are in the process of GLORIFICATION of "trans" people -- see Caitlyn Jenner. "Trans pride" will vie for "gay pride" in the elite quarters. Why would they hide? 
The bottom line here is again the attack on all of created order -- destroy the Church, destroy the Family and now destroy Gender -- this is important PURELY to destroy the natural order. That is the complete and total reason for this happening! 

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