Wednesday, March 09, 2016

NPR, Glenn Beck, Election Coverage

Another Primary Night's Results Confound (At Least Some) Expectations : NPR:

I got a chance to listen to a good bit of NPR and a good bit of Glenn Beck (first time I've heard him on radio) on the way up to Barron today. "Educational and surreal", welcome to campaign 2016.

NPR is supposed to be "unbiased". Anyone that listens to them at all and believes that needs to be sure to get some gullibility defensive training and try to avoid Nigerians trying to repatriate money to the US with your help!

NPR knows they need to line up behind Hillary, and they generally do -- they DEFINITELY don't want to hear ANY more about her e-mail, and her "truthfulness" is gospel for them. They do however wistfully look at Bernie. Free everything! Lots of money for anything "public"! (almost certainly including "Public Media"). Maybe the Koch brothers could be imprisoned and the destabilizing nasty media like "Faux" and Talk Radio finally put back in the Pandoras box that flew out of after the "Fairness Doctrine" was removed. It would CERTAINLY be "fair" then!

They were in many ways "happy" that Bernie pulled out Michigan, but they know it is a proportional state and it was close, so it doesn't REALLY help him that much -- maybe it will help Hillary add more free stuff to her promises! They know they are stuck with Hillary -- sort of an "arranged marriage" to a "sturdy, plain and rumored to be reliable" woman.

They were of course DISTRAUGHT over Trump taking 3 contests! I had listened to them some yesterday and they were expecting  Kasich to do VERY well in Michigan  and MAYBE EVEN WIN!  They were CERTAIN that the "Trump momentum" had been stopped over the weekend. Kasich would be a heavenly R candidate for them -- very much like McCain and Romney were -- "Democrat lite and easy to roll" -- and even better unlikely to win! Kasich came in 3rd, Trump won big. The despair was palpable.

In honor of the Trump win, they had "reports from foreign countries" about how horrible it is that Trump is even running, let along doing well and hard to even IMAGINE the disaster if he were elected!! We had a lot of these same reports of W back when he was in office, how TERRIBLE NPR felt about the rest of the world "laughing at us" over having W as president. I can still remember their horror at Reagan -- warmonger who INSANELY thought that the USSR would ever go away! How stupid can you be? They were CONVINCED he was an idiot.

The ability of the liberal mind to be totally wrong and not learn a single thing from the experience is their hallmark -- if Christians could live by faith that was 20% as unshakeable as that of the left, Christ would have returned by now because the whole planet would be converted!

The surrealistic part was switching over to Glenn Beck. He was APOCALYPTIC  (that is the only mode he has) about the Trump wins. He has been running and continues running specific shows on various negative aspects of Trump each and every day! Business issues, statements he has made and changed his mind on, racist statements, statements against women, inaccurate statements -- Trump is THE END of all that is holy and conservative. The Republican party will not survive him as the nominee, and if by some miracle he is elected, the nation will not survive!

I'm trying to triangulate the horror here -- the assumption with Reagan was nuclear war and the end of the entire world. Students in the US and Europe as well as most of the media and Democrats signed up for the "nuclear freeze movement". The Soviets were all in favor of that as well.  They had a huge made for TV move "The Day After" ... the film was shown on ABC with a lot of promotion in November of 1983, as an "early re-election gift" for Ronald Reagan. (for some reason, there was no outcry about "big money in politics".

I've not heard that Trump threatens the end of the world yet -- so maybe this is a lot less of a risk than Reagan was!

I'm still a Cruz guy, but if BOTH Glenn Beck and NPR hate someone as much as they do Trump, that certainly makes me like him a good deal more!

It is hard to imagine how many tears NPR would shed over "the destruction  of the Republican Party"! (I'm thinking the party they would throw would require a LOT more beer than kleenex!)

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