Monday, March 28, 2016

Post-Apocalyptic Conservatism

The column author is pretty sure that Trump means the end of the Republican Party and current conservative movement. I found the key part of his thesis to be here ...
The nature of politics is such that campaigns must offer something of value. If you tell a guy that he needs to solve his own problems, then what does he need you for? There must be an answer to the question: what are you going to do for me? Many conservatives don't like that, feeling that the only acceptable limited government answer should be "nothing." But "nothing" will never be a winning campaign platform. There has to be something. There has to be a product with features and benefits, and it has to be better than what the competition is offering.
He seems to be starting from the "pinata model of politics" -- "what's in it for ME"? His answer to what the "future" of a conservative movement ought to be is "no racists and lots of education".

Something tells me that no matter what happens, "Conservative / Republican / Liberty / ???" or whatever the "old Republican party" becomes, or possibly what a new 3rd party is about has to be A LOT clearer than the current Republican party, which as pretty much returned to the pre-Reagan  status of "Democrat lite".

First of all, The Democrat Party, "The Party"  (TP) is EASY to define:
  1. Socialist / Fascist economic policy.
    •  FREE STUFF!!!!  Medicine, education, food, drugs, housing, abortions, birth control, cell phones ... keep thinking, TP will try to give it to you! 
    • Leveling -- no matter what somebody does, or doesn't do, "outcome" ought to be basically the same. 
    • NO RESPONSIBILITY! ...  to work, stay married, take care of your kids, take care of your parents, etc. Don't want to have a baby? KILL IT! 
  1. NO traditional MORALS!  58 genders and LOTS of "preferences". If you want to live life leading with your sex organs, this is your party! Drugs? No issue! Telling the "truth"? No such thing other than what TP says it is! Theft? TP takes from who they want, keeps what they want and gives the rest to who they want. Lawlessness is as close to "virtue" as they come. 
  2. Anti-Christian. Muslim is great.  Wiccan? Far out! Whatever -- just keep quiet on that "Jesus stuff"! 
  3. Anti-American. TP would rather be part of Europe. America was bad -- sexist, racist,  imperialist. That is why TP killed it and are very happy they did! BOistan is NOT America! 
  4. Anti-White. Since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, the TP has been replacing white people with browns and blacks. They are pretty much done -- and in 10-20 years this is a non-white country. White people -- TP hopes the door whacks your ass on the way out! 
  5. COMPLETE LOYALTY TO TP!! No unapproved speech. Certainly no guns, TP is "giving" (stealing and transferring) you everything to make you "happy" -- so BE HAPPY and SHUT UP about anything political except praise for TP. Got it??? I

Here is my cut at a start of what a new party needs to stand for:
  1. Philosophically rooted in the value of Transcendent Principles, No specific Federal Church, but certainly States are allowed to have churches that support the agreed and understood Transcendent Principles. (See "Ideas Have Consequences") (Islam is not one of those religions) Religion and Philosophy are the roots of the nation -- politics and science are servants of the eternal order. 
  2. Capitalism and decentralized markets are the basis of economic policy. 
  3. Individualized education that seeks to bring out the unique gifts of each individual while insuring that all that are able have a deep understanding of religion, philosophy, rhetoric, language, history and classical literature and the arts. None may take part in any aspect of governance unless they can pass rigorous standards in the history, meaning and imperatives of culture and civilization.

    All elements of society must guard against the twin perils of education on one hand becoming indoctrination with no room for innovation, and on the other, becoming a value free stew of disordered and undifferentiated data.

    Wisdom is the beginning and the end of education.
  4. Local and State Rights -- See Switzerland. Federal government handles national defense and referees interstate commerce. "City States" are the rule. Thousands of laboratories of what works and what does not, with the freedom to fail, and fail badly being one of the values held in greatest esteem. 
  5. Family, Church and Community are the recognized and cherished building blocks of society. 
    • Excellence in service to God, Family, Church and Community is the objective of every citizen. 
    • Inheritance is important and encouraged 
    • Both the past and the future are more important than today. Family history, Church History, Community History are all items of sacred reverence. 
    • The trinity of Family, Church and Community is the rock upon which the individual can boldly risk much in gaining their unique mission for a meaningful life. 
Well, a raw start. At some point I believe it is critical that at least some have some idea of "where to go from here" once the present state of TP fully fails. Perhaps it will be in a seceded new nation from Texas to the Canadian border -- perhaps the heartland of Canada may join with Alaska to have a great nation from Alaska, Northwest Territories to the Gulf of Mexico abandoning the east and west coasts to live with their chosen depravity. 

I like to dream dreams of a hopeful future. It's Spring, just past Easter ... it is so easy to abandon hope as we look at the mess that TP has wrought, but we need to keep Faith, Hope, Love and Truth alive in our hearts and minds!

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  1. Well said!
    I read/watched an article recently where a law professor basically confirmed that American democracy is only suited for citizens when voluntarily observe law. Any other citizenry will tear it apart. And there is basically only one relationship/religion/philosophy which builds into a person's soul the earnest desire to abide by law and that is a worshipper of the Creator, our Savior Jesus Christ and the Word of God. There are some that come close, but nothing matches as well as people who pattern their own lives after the nature and beauty of the Trinity. The simplest way to destroy America is to merely force the removal of Jesus from family, education and government.