Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rockefeller Republicans Vs The Unwashed

The linked column splits the Republican party into two parts -- the "Aspirational Republicans" -- Reagan, Buckley ... positive, sensible, educated, successful, urbane,  ... the good guys".

Then we have the the "Resentment Republicans" -- TRUMP! ... racist, mean, angry, poorly educated, anti-trade, anti-wealth ... dark, evil, losers.


Somewhere post-Reagan, the Rockefeller "Country Club, Ivy League, Brooks Brothers, Blue Bloods" took over the command bridge of the party, decided to re-write history as if they had liked Reagan, and decided that making nice with the 98% of the government bureaucracy that is Democrat, and making sure that they were living the top-shelf lifestyle was a lot more important that any "principles", let alone IDEAS!

So we have columns like the linked ... let's jettison something like 30-40% of the Republican party, along with what? 10, 20, maybe 30% of the Democrat party that were once "Reagan Republicans" ... Blue Collar (that's "poorly educated" to Williamson).

National Review and the proud "establishment" simply doesn't want them. They are not "their kind of people" -- which is odd, because Williamson has done some excellent reporting on how those poorly educated whites are dying in droves. Does he want them to become "house crackers" like the Democrat party treats blacks?

Republicans should shed lots of tears in print for their plight like the Democrats do when a black youth is killed by the cops, but turn a blind eye as 6K gun each other down in cold blood every year. Is the Republican party to be a party that follows suit by lamenting that poor whites are dying of drugs, alcohol and suicide, but then laugh heartily about them as in: "When somebody makes a buck— or a few more bucks than they have — they see conspiracy, favoritism, the hand of the wily Oriental, the sweaty Mexican, or the nefarious Jewish banker at work, depending on how far down that sorry road they’ve gone." 

It might be possible that people dying in droves might support someone like Trump vs compliantly feel shamed by somebody like Williamson. 

It seems completely clear at this point that the Rockefeller Republicans primarily "aspire" to canap├ęs and cocktails at the Hildebeast inauguration parties! 

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