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The Joys Of Satan, Old But Not Eternal

How David Hume Helped Me Solve My Midlife Crisis - The Atlantic:

This rather long intensely selfish article might be an appropriate parable for the elite of our lost age. It opens with dissolution of family, depression, anxiety, but passes through the "Satanic Rapture" that nothing has meaning save sensual pleasure, breaking of taboos, and "irrational exuberance". Ah, the pleasures of leaving behind the awful "irrationality of God" for the "irrationality of self". Or perhaps the ultimate Satanic rationality of denying the existence of all -- there is no creation, no self, only illusion as in the Buddhist philosophy.

The article ends with this:

"In 2010, Alvy and I got married—the future reinvented. Once again, I was an exceptionally fortunate and happy woman, full of irrational exuberance and everyday joy. But that’s not all I was. I’d discovered that I could love women as well as men, history as well as science, and that I could make my way through sadness and solitude, not just happiness. Like Dolu and Desideri, the gender-bending abbĂ© and the Siamese astronomer-king, and, most of all, like Hume himself, I had found my salvation in the sheer endless curiosity of the human mind—and the sheer endless variety of human experience."
I enjoy the vanity of the atheistic -- unburdened with the sense that they might have an audience infinitely more aware and existing more "solidly" as the pure spirit and source of all than the Buddha ever conceived in losing his soul to dissolution, they wax excessive about all sorts of details, nearly always focused on lost souls like themselves. When one is focused on something of supposedly cosmic import, need "gender-bending" be involved?

But it must, it must!  (apologies to "Blazing Saddles")  The perversion of the sexual is at the core of the Satanic impulse -- a place where the inversion of the male and the female and Gods created sexuality can be perverted in a myriad of easy ways, sometimes even pleasurable for a short season.

Reproduction -- one of the low but necessary functions of the fallen physical world, barely above respiration, consumption, defecation, etc, torn from it's intended purpose and trumpted as "freedom" -- from order at least, but blissfully unaware of service to chaos. Certainly we die when respiration or reproduction are prevented -- rather quickly in the case of respiration, in a couple of largely missing generations as we are finding in the west with reproduction.

I did have another insight here. We are told in these times of few "truths" beyond "Climate Change" being certain and settled, that sexual preference (unlike gender) is fixed very early in life.  In fact, it is already illegal in some states to even ATTEMPT to get a person to change their sexual preference from being gay to heterosexual. If the left has their way, it will be illegal nationally. While the left has extreme aversion to laws acting in the direction of nature to perversion, it is critical to get as many laws as possible operating to prevent the move from perversion to nature!

You see, if you are gay, THEN your "orientation is fixed" -- but if you are heterosexual, it is HIGHLY likely that you are actually at least bi, or maybe gay. "Nature" only made non-adaptive sexuality fixed. Non-adaptive sexuality can be changed at any point in life just like gender! Isn't that special?

See, at age 50, this former heterosexual spontaneously converted to being bi -- with no therapy at all (although I'm certain that such therapy is TOTALLY legal, likely encouraged, and probably required to be covered under BOcare!) -- if she had been homosexual, there may need to be an investigation to find out what horror could have instigated a shift to heterosexuality!
They were adventures with both women and men. In my period of crisis I had discovered that I could have deep, sustaining friendships with women, as well as romance. I had been wrong about that part of my identity, too.
It's a "secular miracle"! It's enough to make a person "leap for irrational exuberant joy"!  Does this woman really think there is anything new under the sun here? I suppose the "new" part is that if she and folks like her have their way, my ability to write such sacrilege as this will be declared "illegal" just like the idea that sexual preference (or at least the perversion of it) is FAR more a "choice" than a "characteristic".

See how much better that is than the church making laws and banning texts?

The saddest part of all of this is that if you are a person of intelligence and education with connections -- who knows what kind of support she had from her ex husband and kids, as well as her brother ... "Blake, an art historian who knows Italian (and French, German, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon), and got him to translate for me", on top of meeting the man that she married in that last paragraph, who was one of the founders of Pixar.

See, this woman is part of the "1%" -- or certainly the "5 or 10%" ... she has connections in major universities and corporations, lots of education. She can live the life of a dissolute bohemian and not end up as one of the statistics of addiction, mental illness and suicide like vast swaths of white middle America. Her "adventurous journey" can be proudly chronicled in the Atlantic rather than on the obit page of nowhere flyover country! 

In this world, the average schmo -- the "bitter clingers" REALLY needed those Bibles, patriotism, families, communities, jobs and stability to stay alive at all, let alone have a "good life", but those have all been flushed down the toilet of post modern deconstructionist tripe. "Without vision, the people perish" -- but without any meaning or structure at all, they die horrible lonely deaths, often at their own hands. 

Or they vote for Trump or Hillary!

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