Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trump Barking Hildebeast Commercial

It's going to be a nasty nasty showdown if it does turn out to be Trump vs Hildebeast, but I think Trump wins nasty commercial round 1 ... take a look at them both and I'll comment after.

So did Trump get BO to play the terrorist? I thought the eyes looked similar ;-)

The media has of course tried to keep the Hillary Barks Like a Dog secret, but this is the age of the internet after all. I suspect we will see a LOT of that bitch a woofin if Trump is the nominee!

Some thoughts:

  1. First, Hildebeast is playing "follow the leader" ... when you run for leader, you don't want to show yourself as a follower. 
  2. Hillary laughing? Do even her SUPPORTERS think a Hillary laugh seems human? I think they need to avoid any commercial that has her trying to fake an emotion ... even the Onion is clued in on that. 
  3. As I've said before, Trump sounds EXACTLY like BO on the narcissist  front -- BO thinks he is "the smartest guy in the room" ... better than anyone that works for him.  So Hildebeast is running as "Stench II, feminine hygiene gone bad". Does she REALLY want to claim that someone that thinks like BO, who at least SHE thinks is great (even though his approval is at best 50/50)  is "laughable"?  (to the extent she can fake laughter)
**IF** she felt she had to respond immediately -- and I don't think she did, it is MARCH after all, she needed something way different from this that wasn't so clearly a copy! 

She has NEVER been a leader, and it clearly shows! Driving home today, NPR was WAY worried about Hildebeast vs Trump -- they see the specter of the "Reagan Democrats" and they realized that while they have been PREDICTING the big browning of America, something like 33% of the electorate is still poorly educated whites that they have kicked to the curb like the old white trash that the D's look at them as being! 

Trump is the guy to throw the scum queen into the mud! 

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