Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump Supporters Disrupt Muslim Worship

Worshipers feared for their lives during Easter Mass at St. Pat’s | New York Post:

Oh, never mind ... animal rights protesters disrupted EASTER services at St Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan, using bullhorns and screaming about people eating tasty animals!

My standard points:
  • This is the most subtle and effective of media manipulation techniques. The media doesn't care about Christians and it is generally fine with PETA types. Ho hum, hardly hear about it. You can't react to what you never hear. 
  • HOWEVER, if some Trump supporters really did interrupt a Muslim worship, ALL HELL would break loose! The media plays us like marionettes!!!  
This was St Patrick's on EASTER! EASTER is **THE** holiday for Christians, it DEFINES Christianity! If our media had .00001% as much interest in "religious tolerance" for Christians as they do for Muslims, this would be a BIG STORY!

It isn't, so we know the truth.

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