Thursday, March 17, 2016

WaPo Wants To Use Electoral College To Stop Trump

The Electoral College could still stop Trump, even if he wins the popular vote - The Washington Post:

No, it isn't April Fools! It is St Paddies Day, Trump has not won the Republican nomination, nor stood for election, but WaPo is thinking ahead to invalidating the election, using the Electoral College!

Of course the WaPo like everyone else on the left has always been WILDLY in favor of "popular vote" in every case possible, including overturning the Electoral College by making an end run around the Constitution -- here they are pretty sanguine about the "National Popular Vote" effort in 2013.

Here is their summary today:
Trump hasn’t won yet. But it is increasingly likely that we will reach precisely the kind of scenario that the founders worried about — divisive political discourse threatens to thrust a dangerous candidate into office who appears inclined to govern more like a monarch than a president. Opportunities remain for cooler heads to prevail in our presidential election. And state legislatures should consider doing so this year.

NEVER TRUST A LIBERAL! They directly state that they recognize no truth, only power, and they prove it constantly!

We currently have a divisive political demagogue who ignores the Constitution in office and WaPo LOVES IT! Clearly we already HAVE only FAKE LAW! The same people who constantly espouse all manner of democracy -- in polls, in elections, in EVERYTHING, suddenly want to use the Electoral College to invalidate an election! These are the same people that demand that voting not even require so much as an ID!

When you give up truth you give up consistency and then you can never be trusted under any circumstance. We already knew this, but this is yet another example that makes it crystal clear!
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