Wednesday, April 06, 2016

A Rehab Challenge

Texas man set to die said he drank 12-year-old victim's blood - CBS News:

We live in a wonderful society where people are basically good and can be rehabilitated by proper treatment.
Vasquez told detectives he took a ring and gold necklace from Cardenas and that Chapa, using a shovel, also participated in trying to decapitate the boy. "The devil was telling me to take (the head) away from him," Vasquez said, adding that "it couldn't come off."
I keep wondering if BO doesn't have similar voices; "The Devil was telling me to destroy the morality of the nation, kill the work ethic and remove any future hope in the population -- it was hard to get it all done in just eight years, but I did my masters bidding to my greatest ability so expect great rewards ..."

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