Friday, April 15, 2016

Ban NC, Qatar OK!

Days after barring city employee travel to anti-LGBT states, Santa Fe mayor to travel to Qatar |

The uninitiated think that lack of consistency is a bug, but actually it is a HUGE feature! It shows that the left has the POWER to define "reality" any way they want! The point they make by these actions is POWER! They can declare NC to be "off limits" because men need to use men's bathrooms and women women's, but at the SAME TIME as banning travel to NC, they are willing to go to Qatar, where you damned well better choose the right bathroom, and if you are gay and not "diplomatically protected", get ready to be STONED (and not in the "Colorado sense") or "thrown from a high place".

The critical thing is that everyone that lacks complete alignment with The Party and it's power structure is to GET OUR MINDS RIGHT!

THE PARTY declares what is and is not "good, acceptable, right"!

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