Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brazil, "Kickbacks, Dirty Money and Lies"

How Brazil, the darling of the developing world, came undone - The Washington Post:

It seems that the economy in Brazil and that in the US have a lot in common. When innovation, productivity, growth, successful businesses, leadership and law are replaced with BOism -- pretty much defined by "kickbacks, dirty money and lies", then disaster awaits. In the case of Brazil, it didn't take long -- we hope that we don't continue our slide to their depths on a similar track.

The plunge that Rousseff and the country have taken has laid bare the frailty of Brazil’s commodity-driven growth. Big parts of the Brazil model, it turns out, were glued together with kickbacks, dirty money and lies.
The false "success" of Brazil was commodity based, our current false success is debt based, but it is complicated because it was preceded by a long history of REAL productivity, including very recently from '82 up through '07. But debt is even a worse basis for success than commodities -- and even here, a lot of what has counted as "growth" was commodity based as in fracking for oil which was strongly opposed by BO, but naturally something else he is very happy to take credit for!

Yet there is little doubt that Rousseff would not be facing the mutiny if she were not so politically weak, with an approval rating of 13 percent. The country is facing a 3.8 percent economic contraction for the second year in a row.
It is very hard to even guess at what the actual economic numbers are in the US at this point -- the books have been cooked!  A 1-2% contraction for the past two years is a good guess.  If there was an R in the WH does anyone want to imagine what the approval rating here would be? 13% might be HIGH. 8 years of economic disaster, open borders, retreat around the globe, stupid "red lines", "deals" with Iranians thumbing their noses at us in one way or another every month or so -- if you add together the 30-40% of Republicans and similar number of Democrats that are screaming OUTSIDER for 2016, the "pissed off" percentage in this country must be 30-80%!

The "difference" is the media is VERY careful to not blame BO for ANYTHNG -- no, the Republicans are "out of touch", Hillary is a "bad candidate", Trump just "appeals to the stupid", etc ... all of which may be true, but I totally guarantee you that if there was an R in the WH it would be their fault!

The fish rots from the head!!!

Only it doesn't .. it rots from the belly, which is us -- the people. We are the real rot. The media is just another part of the odor.

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