Wednesday, April 06, 2016

‘C’ Is for Corruption

‘C’ Is for Corruption - WSJ:

... and as the article points out at the end, also for CLINTON, which is really just a synonym for corruption. The article covers what we need to know about the "Panama Papers".

The central summary paragraph is here:
"But nobody can be surprised by any of this. And nobody should look away from the central lesson of the scandal, though they’re trying. To wit, the story here isn’t about tax evaders and offshore accounts, deplorable as they may be. It’s about public policies and incentives that make a career in politics an expedient route to personal enrichment. "
The Clintons established the rule in the US that another "C" ... Character was not something required in a president.

In a world with no moral standard and a general agreement that "truth is relative", it is hard to even fully understand what someone means by "corruption". Slick and Hildebeast have amassed at least many 10's and probably hundreds of millions after leaving office by various "fees, honorariums, kickbacks,  retainers, etc". Certainly the BIG payoff will come if she gets the White House.

Everyone knows that BO will be doing the same. When you are a member of "The Party" (TP-D) in the US, the current situation is a lot more like Putin in Russia than it is for Iceland's President who had to resign. Looking at the history and current Clinton operation, it is clear they are completely above the standards of "normal Americans" as is BO.

The article is a good read -- essentially, the Clinton  / BO consortium proves that the US is pretty much "Brazil" at this point relative to corruption.

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