Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Get Trans-Serious **NOW**!!!!


I suspect that many people feel about the gender / bathroom thing as I felt about the "gay thing" for decades. "Yucky, tiny number of weird people out in San Francisco, it's a fad, it will blow over -- and if it doesn't, it is so unhealthy even without AIDs that they will die off ... or some variation".

**** WRONG !!!!!!!

Imagine how many alcoholics we would have if we treated alcoholism like gays or not transgender? "Hey, you were born to drink -- you would be untrue to your nature if you didn't drink! ... HAVE AT IT! ... the State ought to provide you with booze and a place to drink!!!!"

Go read the whole linked article ... but I thought the following was especially good. With PayPal deciding not to go to NC because they demand genders use their own bathrooms, this latest madness is RAPIDLY gathering steam!

Unfortunately, when it comes to transsexuals we make two huge mistakes. 
First, we encourage them to embrace their mental illness. We don’t do this with depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, multiple personality disorder or almost anything else because it’s a terrible idea. It’s like telling someone who’s depressed that he’s worthless and everyone else would be better off without him. We would be appalled if anyone did that; yet encouraging someone to mutilate himself in a futile attempt to change genders is an even more horrible thing to do to another human being. 
Our second mistake is that instead of having sympathy for people in that position, wishing them well and hoping for their recovery, we insist that everyone else cater to their mental disorder. There’s no law that says you have to stop cutting your hedges because your paranoid neighbor is suspicious of it. There’s no law that says you have to ask a person with multiple personality disorder whom he’s speaking to so you don’t shock him if you call him the wrong name. So, why are we willing to violate the privacy of half the population at one of their most vulnerable points during the day in order to cater to a mental disorder that afflicts a fraction of a percent of Americans?

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