Tuesday, April 05, 2016

How BO Lost The West

Deterrence: How America Lost It:

An excellent column covering in about as short a form as possible the foreign disaster of BO. Summary paragraph here, but a worthy read. It isn't just BO that doesn't know what happened -- it is the vast majority of Americans. But just like a bullet speeding toward your head, not knowing about it doesn't mean that the impact isn't really messy.

In Obama’s sophomoric view of the world, there is no connection between the 21st-century appurtenances that he takes for granted as president — trips on state-of-the-art Western planes, predicated on a global air-traffic-control system, run on sophisticated Western gadgets and all underwritten by Western free-market capitalism — and an established postwar Western order led by the United States. He will see no contradiction between his rhetoric and his own looming lucrative, hyper-capitalist post-presidency and the sources of capital that will fuel it. Instead, capitalism, national security, and globalization are seen as occurrences that just arose out of nowhere (cf. his recent advice to Argentina to adopt tenets of either Communism or capitalism, as if they were simply morally neutral choices), as if Nairobi designs new smartphones, Lima offers the world new ideas in municipal sewage treatment, China’s pharmaceuticals are superior to Western counterparts — or Islam taught us about medicine, navigation, and religious tolerance.

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