Friday, April 01, 2016

Jewish BS, Black Lives Matter, BO's Church

The article covers the fact that Bernie Sanders (BS) is Jewish, but basically nobody knows it -- and he very much likes it that way. He is PROUD to be a Socialist -- he rarely admits that he is a Jew.

God creates, works in love and light and provides both free will and Grace. Lots of people like to question the existence of God, many of them consider the "proof" of his non-existence to be evil.

Virtually nobody questions the existence of evil -- which would indicate that those who question God because of evil find evil to be a completely natural element of the universe. Interestingly, they are often those who somehow, even after consigning God to non-existence due to the existence of evil, find the nature of man to be "good", (randomly I'm sure) with the mysterious origin of "natural evil" to be somehow due to "society, male privilege, religion, etc". How these "evil elements" arose from "good human nature" remains a mystery -- but one they are quite comfortable with as opposed to the idea of a good and loving God.

Those that work against God love to work in darkness.

Karl Marx was a Jew—and also an anti-Semite. He was steeped in the works of 19th-century French theorist Fran├žois Fourier. Paul Johnson, in his magisterial History of the Jews, quotes Fourier’s contention that commerce was “the source of all evil” and that the Jews were “the incarnation of commerce.” Thus was the elimination of commerce inextricably tied to the elimination of the Jews. Ethnic eradication was part and parcel of socialism, in Marx’s eyes. Indeed, in Johnson’s view, “Marx’s theory of communism was the end-product of his theoretical anti-Semitism.”
"Honor your father and your mother" is the 5th Commandment, so it is unsurprising to see Satan providing us with another inversion. "Hate your father and your mother" -- and so of course, your own race and blood line! Marx found commerce to the source of evil, Jews to be the incarnation of commerce, so elimination of the Jews as been part of the Communist and Socialist (see NATIONAL Socialist) agenda throughout the 20th century. When consistency is COMPLETELY not an issue, theoretical elimination of YOURSELF is only one more inconsistency -- thus we have $100 million dollar woman Hillary inveighing against "the rich" and Bernie part of a tradition of eliminating the Jews.

What does any of that have to do with “Zionists”? The answer goes back to Marx: “The contradiction which exists between the effective political power of the Jew and his political rights, is the contradiction between politics and the power of money in general. Politics is in principle superior to the power of money, but in practice it has become its bondsman.” 
In other words, money talks. And in Marx’s view and the view of his descendants, it speaks the language of the Jew, who represents power. If that power is going to be devolved back into the hands of the people, where it belongs, it must be wrested from the Jew.
When we were visiting Denver in December of  '14 and took in the Light Parade, we got to witness a "Black Lives Matter" protest walk through carrying signs and chanting -- we were rather shocked to see "Free Palestine" posters as part of the group. We should not have been -- the movements are linked, antisemitism is part and parcel of the "movements of the people", here we have Jeremiah Wright (YES, BO's old pastor) inveighing against Israel.

Citing what he called the “three-headed demon” of “racism, militarism and capitalism,” Wright implored the gathering to “stand beside our Palestinian brothers and sisters, who have been done one of the most egregious injustices in the 20th and 21st centuries.”
 Ah what a fetid stew the left boils in their Satanic caldron of hatred and death. Hate the whites, hate the Jews, hate those that create wealth, hate those that protect and keep order (police and military) -- hatred for law, Christians, civilization even for their parents and their own blood. When they finally come to power, they always have some "inner power group", the KGB in the USSR or the SS in Nazi Germany that even rules over the military and normal police with terror.

Remember, our current sitting disaster of a president sat in Rev Wright's church for 20 years, and of course BO himself in his own autobiography talked of trying to "filter his mothers white blood" and finally found his true self as a "proud Luo Tribesman" and picked up the mantle of his father and grandfather to "destroy the colonial powers" (America, England ...)

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