Saturday, April 23, 2016

Losing Life to Government

Rich People Are Living Longer. That’s Tilting Social Security in Their Favor. - The New York Times:

If the Bible was not divinely inspired, it was written by people who were alive thousands of years ago that understood human nature far better than the NY Times understands it today. The Bible understands that there are MANY distinctions between people and these cause envy (covetousness) even so far as a desire to kill those that "have more" in any form -- wealth, property, donkeys, beautiful wife (or wives in those days), etc.

For example, an American man who is consistently in the top 1 percent of earners — making $2 million last year — will, if he starts taking Social Security benefits at age 66 and lives to be 87, end up with more money than he and his employers paid into the system in taxes during his lifetime. In the language of finance, he would receive an inflation-adjusted “internal rate of return” of 1.07 percent. 
By contrast, if a member of Mr. Moneybags’s household staff, born the same year, made about $30,000 annually and also lived to be 87, he would receive a 2.57 percent return after inflation. That’s quite a decent return — a higher rate than any inflation-adjusted United States Treasury bonds pay, for example. 
That’s progressivity in action. Or rather, it would be if Mr. Moneybags and his gardener actually lived to the same age.
The best laid plans of mice and men  often go awry. As government has destroyed the family and the work ethic, the people MOST affected are those at the lower half of the income spectrum. As I've come close to harping on in this blog, white HS graduates with no college are dying in droves.  When you die at 40 or 50 your FICA collections aren't very good.

The research from Mr. Chetty and his colleagues indicates that the richest 1 percent of Americans gained three years of life expectancy from 2001 to 2014 alone, while the poorest had almost no gain (0.3 of a year).

People are EQUAL BEFORE GOD ... we all live and then die in a short span, and then comes the long eternity. Any kindergartner knows they are FAR from equal in any other way -- size, strength, intelligence, pluck, emotion, musical ability, athletic ability .... the list of differences is thankfully INFINITE! Thanks be to God!
But as Burke so eloquently told us "sophists, economists and calculators" seek to convert each eternally unique human into a number to be dealt with as they desire.

Life used to be a battle to maintain food, shelter and clothing in the face of nature. Now it is a battle to maintain a wisp of independent life in the face of cloying government intervention. When you lose your life to Christ, you gain it, when you lose your life to government, YOU LOSE IT!

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