Sunday, April 10, 2016

NPR Supports Prayer in Schools!

How one Minnesota school district handles a rising immigrant population | PBS NewsHour:

It is quite touching to see the lengths that the left is capable of in order to provide strong support for the MUSLIM religion in the public school system.
In St. Cloud’s middle and high schools, the district allows prayer time for students, including Muslim students, as federal law requires. The rooms used for prayer are open to all students to observe their beliefs and are used for other purposes throughout the school day. Districtwide, school lunch menus provide pork-free options for students, ... 
At the bottom of the article there is this disclaimer ...
CLARIFICATION: This story has been updated to describe the uses of the private rooms the St. Cloud district has set aside for student prayer.
All of us that have been alive the past 20 years or so have seen ANY organization that REMOTELY can be identified as having ANY sort of moral values not in complete lockstep with the State Religion of Secular Humanism to be COMPLETELY BANISHED from public school property. Boy Scouts, Christian Church prayer groups, etc,

All of a sudden, Muslims -- who believe in stoning gays, cutting the hands off thieves and treating women as property are considered VERY important.

It doesn't stop at special rooms and times for prayer -- no, it includes special foot washing stations,  which although MPR likes to chortle about every now and then, the media has a tendency to say not much at all about.

As we all know, it is ALL ABOUT CHRIST! Our secular state doesn't really hate "religion" at all -- in fact, it loves it's own PC Secular Humanism so much that to go against it is increasingly a CRIME, as in "hat crime", worthy of prosecution under the law. It is no wonder that they find Sharia Law to be exceedingly reasonable!

What needs to be SCRUPULOUSLY avoided in the public schools and square is CHRISTIANITY! Islam is obviously to be understood, tolerated, and even catered to!

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