Friday, April 08, 2016

Slick Willie Makes BLM Headlines

Bill Clinton confronts protesters who say his crime reforms hurt blacks | Reuters:

Perhaps Psychology Today will run an article on Slick Willie -- he pretty much torpedoed Hildebeast's '08 candidacy by basically saying that "BO was an other Jessie Jackson ... wouldn't even be a factor at all if he wasn't black". The "not a factor if not black" is true of course, as is the fact that Hildebeast would be a real laugher if not female, but Slick sure as hell ought to know that "The Party"has NOTHING to do with "truth"!  (it's coin is POWER)

Hildebeast DESPERATELY needs black votes, and the official story is that ONLY black lives matter, and the VAST number of blacks in prison, arrested, etc are only because of RACISM!

Maybe Slick has not been listening to NPR enough? He needs to get his narratives straight!

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