Friday, April 08, 2016

The Hollowness of BS, The GE Example

Against BS, GE edition | Power Line:

Those of us who never had any illusions about BS being anything but a vacuous windbag have no potential to be "DISillusioned", because we were never  "illusioned". BS made a mistake and did an actual interview with the New York Daily News, who asked actual questions like "Name 3 companies that exemplify corporate greed at it's worst", he could only come up with "GE", a 125 year old US company whose CEO was a big BO supporter! He couldn't name any others.

He also failed to name any laws that the big Wall Street Bankers had broken -- since he always complains that "none of them went to prison". BS is a socialist for goodness sake! In a proper socialist banana republic, the dictator just says "off with their heads"! He doesn't need no stinkin reason!

All of it is worth reading and even following some links -- BS is even MORE clueless than I would have actually imagined. I would have actually expected him to have some semi-reasonable answers to such questions! What is more, he has never visited a major GE plant in Vermont, nor did he have any clue of GE jobs or economic impact in the state he purports to represent! Here is a quote from GE CEO Immelt ... perhaps he needs to reassess which political party he supports if he wants to stay in business. "The Party" HATES actual profit making, product and job producing business!

It’s easy to make hollow campaign promises and take cheap shots in speeches and during editorial board sessions, but U.S. companies have to deliver for their employees, customers and shareholders every day. GE operates in the real world. We’re in the business of building real things and generating real growth for a nation that needs it now more than ever. I’m proud of all that we do, and how it all figures into “the moral fabric” of America is so plain to me.

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