Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Rochester Mayo Fishbowl From Visiting Fish

I haven't read this whole series and doubt that I will. The Internet allows me to sign up / set up various "clipping services" that waft things with "Rochester" or "Mayo Clinic" and such by my stream of viewing from time to time. This is just one of them -- it isn't long, it is a couple of artists with neurological issues from Missoula MT interacting with the healthcare system and doing art.

It's like looking at your place from Google Maps -- which BTW has updated the Rochester view to I believe fall of 2014 when my pond was just installed.

We go out and walk around seeing a bunch of people, some of which we can sometimes guess are Mayo patients, "just visiting". This is our home fishbowl, we are used to it -- some of the features are different and strange to them.

But at least, unlike me, she knew where we were going. Many times in the past six days she’d traversed the underground arteries that branch from the mother ship Mayo; they minimize a person’s contact with Rochester’s harsh winter temperatures that average between 12 and 27 degrees. Fast food, fast souvenirs, fast art — in the mall, they’re all available for the 35,000 people who work at the Mayo and the thousands of patients who are killing time between heart-pounding visits to the medical specialists who’ll send them back to Riyadh or Rome, Marseille or Missoula with the most costly souvenir of all: a diagnosis that will change their lives.

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