Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The US Education Cartel Centennial


One of the MANY areas that I'm aware of severe problems in, but unable to spend the time to really go in depth is the sorry state of education in the US. I have to admit that given the level of union / "The Party" (D-TP) control, the only viable alternatives seem to be private schools and home schooling to keep some TINY semblance of a few minds that have had a background for critical thought, values and independence. Here is a post that covers how hard the left fights even the TINY amount of choice there is in education today.

The linked article covers the travesty of 20K education "researchers" of the "American Education Researchers Association" (AERA) descending on Washington for their century conference. As the linked article states:

In fact, AERA has a long history of scholarship that seems more interested in promoting personal political agendas than in actually researching education.

Right. The article is worthy of a read if you are not familiar with some of the tripe that counts as "research" for this group of propagandists, here is a sample:
More than a decade ago, we started occasionally highlighting some of the work on display at AERA’s annual fĂȘte. Many of the scholarly offerings were so sad they were funny. Over the years, we flagged such priceless gems as “Cyber-Sista Cipher: Black Female Students’ Color Consciousness and Counterstories as Hush Harbor in and for Universities” and “The Formation of the Subjectivity of Mail-Order Brides in Taiwan and Their Educational Strategies Toward Their Children.” If that is not the American academy at its finest and most relevant, it’s hard to know what would be.

I have a post that covers ONLY the fact that our schools are completely wired for the WRONG ECONOMY. Yet another area we are in terrible shape!

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