Monday, April 04, 2016

The Wages Of Philosophic Incoherence

The scary illogic of pro-life - The Washington Post:

As I argued last week, if abortion is murder, then Trump was right about penalties for women having abortions. If it is not murder, then it ought to be legal.
In movies such as “The Silent Scream,” the antiabortion movement has for years provided gory and inaccurate details of the pain and violence of an abortion. So, if abortion is the violent murder of a human being, why not follow this twisted logic and punish women for having one? We don’t hold the perpetrators of any other violent act harmless unless they are insane or acted in self-defense, and the antiabortion movement hasn’t argued women who have abortions fall into either category.
While consistency is never an issue when the LEFT takes positions, they are very good at pointing out inconsistency from the right, and we ought to thank them for that. To be inconsistent is very human, but that doesn't make it "right", nor possible to sweep under the rug and still live morally and consistently.

The treatment of prostitution might be a model, only abortion is even LESS "victimless". In the old days, only the prostitute was prosecuted ( I see them as the abortionist ), but the "John", the customer was not. Today, there are sanctions against both parties. I could see the penalties for women seeking and obtaining abortions as similar to those for men who make use of prostitutes.

At least that is a place to begin a discussion. The left is correct, there is no way to philosophically hold the position that abortion is a form of murder, but the person who hires the killer (the woman) receives no sanction  from the state.

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