Sunday, April 17, 2016

Top Gun To Top Ivan, Baltic Flybys

Russian war planes buzz U.S. destroyer in Baltic:

Back in 1986 when Tom Cruise gave the Bear the Bird, got the girl, faced down the death of his back-seater and blew away the bad guys, America was a different country. It is often hard to believe that I used to live there! It was a privilege.

Reagan's America vs BO's America. Sure, Top Gun was a movie, but is there ANY doubt about which direction we and our adversaries were going THEN vs NOW? Fortunately the Berlin Wall going down was NOT a movie, and equally unfortunately, the Russians increasingly playing "Top Ivan" against our forces is ALSO not a movie!

Just because you decide that "strength is dangerous" is no guarantee that everyone else will follow suit. I still maintain that when the offensive line of an NFL team walks into a bar, there aren't very many people that say "Hey, let's pick a fight with THOSE GUYS!"

Looks like Russia buzzed a plane in the Baltic today, so I'm guessing we will be pulling out of there. This all seems fine until they start buzzing your ships in the Gulf of Mexico -- but hey, look at Hillary and tell me that the Russians won't treat her with a WHOLE lot of respect! She at least looks a lot nastier than BO I guess.

Maybe THIS "America" will lodge a nice complaint with the UN if they SINK some of our ships in some gulf! I'm sure our adversaries are considering that as a reasonable possibility at this point.

Strength MIGHT get you into a fight YOU choose -- weakness gets your ass kicked by whomever decides to kick it.

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