Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vanquishing The Trump Monster

Bill Maher Mocks Michelle Fields: "Oh My God It's Like The Zapruder Film If Nothing Had Happened" | Video | RealClearPolitics:

It seems that the arrest of the Trump campaign manager, his comment on there needing to be a "penalty" for women murdering their babies, poor "inside party politics delegate ground game" and then just "Wisconsin" has been enough to do Trump in -- lots of slightly premature sighs of relief from especially the Republican Establishment and magazines like National Review.

 It remains to be seen how many Democrats will cross over to vote for him in NY and CA. My guess is that number is more a function of the D's that want to vote for Bernie, so not being willing to cross over and vote for Trump who they see as the weakest R candidate.

The fact that the arrest was "Trumped up" is obvious to anyone that took the time to look at the tape:
"That tape was released by Donald Trump and the campaign. It was from our ballroom at Trump Jupiter. We wanted people to be able to see the tape because after the event she said she almost fell down. This is also a reporter who has said she's been abused by the NYPD and groped by a war hero, Allen West," Dean said. 
"She has a history, like Brian Williams, of inserting herself into the news," Dean also said.
Maher defended Lewandowski and said the video shows he should not have been charged with misdemeanor battery.

"If you cut in line at a bathroom at the nightclub and somebody did that to you, would it be an assault charge?" Maher rhetorically posed.
I was unaware that this reporter had previously made similar accusations, but it is not surprising. The bottom line is that in aggregate with the abortion penalty comments and the fact that D's in WI were excited to vote for BS so didn't cross over, it appears to have mortally wounded Trumpzilla.

I find Cruz to be the much better candidate and presidential prospect, so this is fine with me. I DON'T trust the Republican establishment, and would be unsurprised to see them attempt to sneak Kasich in, which in my book would be a WORSE disaster for both the party and the nation.

This election makes clear that there between 30-60% of the country that is angry and feels disenfranchised. My sense is that the BS voters are primarily the young and current government dependents who want a "bigger cut" taken from the productive. The Trump voters are largely those hanging on by their fingernails just about the welfare / government dependency level and have the character to not want to go there. They see the corruption and cronyism between big government, elite media, big business and Wall Street as having destroyed their livelihoods and self-respect, which for them was work based.

I think the Trumpkins are right, I just don't think that Trump would be able to deliver on his promises. What this election year has made obvious however is that the "national good feeling" presented by the TP controlled media in the dregs of the BO regime was an illusion. Somewhere around half -- or possibly over half of the electorate is PISSED. Most of them are pretty unclear of exactly why, but raw emotion never really needed much for a basis.

There very likely may be much more to happen!

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