Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why Are Conservative Women So Pretty?

Why Conservative Women Are So Pretty:

The column author bases his observations on conservative gathering CPAC -- but you could just as well take a look at the conservative women that show up as candidates as draw the same conclusion. His wife (a European) had the short and definitive answer (as women often do):

 "Her answer was immediate, as if it was obvious, or should be. “It’s because they enjoy being a woman. And they’re glad they’re not men.”"
Being grateful in the gifts that God has given you and not having to tow some externally defined Politically Correct dogma is liberating. Sure, there are definite costs, but there really aren't any things in this world worth having that don't have costs.

Being an "oppressed victim" may seem to be low cost, but like countless addictions and false promises, often what appears cheap and easy is actually the most expensive. Being grateful is as close as it comes to a guarantee of happiness. Just being angry is nearly as much a guarantee of being ugly -- without the "thousands of years of injustice, oppression, unfairness, etc".

The women of the Right are allowed to believe things that the women of the Left are not. They are allowed to believe there is a difference between women and men, female and male, and that those differences are real, not a false cultural construct imposed by a self-interested, manipulative patriarchy. Unlike Gloria Steinem, they can express their femininity in any way they choose to, without fear of being accused of a calumnization of the sisterhood.
The author closed it well -- it could simply be that when we are grateful for what God has given us we are BLESSED!

Put another way, maybe what I’m noticing is simply women who have been liberated by their worldview to be who they are, uniquely and confidently, unabashedly and apologetically, unencumbered by the politically correct constraints imposed on women of the Left, and the result is a kind of essential womanhood that, far from being oppressive, as the Left would have it, is instead, miraculous and quintessential, and, you could say, God-given.

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