Sunday, April 17, 2016

YOU LIE! The Take Care Clause

My guess is that if Scalia was still alive, we would all understand the "Take Care Clause" in the Constitution by the end of the summer. As it is, it most likely will be a 4 to 4 to forget about clarifying why we used to have a Democratic Republic, but now have something closer to an actual Monarchy like the one we once rebelled against. 

"The Take Care Clause, found in Article II of the Constitution, the Executive Power Article, is comprised of only nine words: the president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” But an understanding of those nine words requires an appreciation of their roots in English history. Like many other structural features of the United States Constitution, the Take Care Clause derives from the long struggle between Parliament and the Crown over the extent of “prerogative powers”—that is, the monarch’s asserted powers to create laws or otherwise to act unilaterally."

The BO reign is loaded with examples of explicitly NOT enforcing MANY laws, with immigration just being one example. Marijuana? I'm ALL in favor of making MANY of our federal laws into state laws -- drugs, abortion, gay "marriage", gender in bathrooms, etc, but NOT "who is a citizen of the US"! But as is usually case, BO goes even father than KINGS have for a good long while.
Things came to a head in 1215 at Runnymede. Faced with armed insurrection, John agreed to The Great Charter, which established the principle that the king is not a law unto himself; even the king must act through settled law to bind his subjects.
So what BO now declares is his power to be MORE THAN A KING! Cannot ALL AMERICANS agree that if the next president is a Hillary, Trump or Cruz we DO NOT want them to be more than a king?
The President was correct in October 2010 when he recognized that only Congress can lawfully effectuate DAPA. As he said then: “I am president, I am not king. I can’t do these things just by myself.” Indeed, even James II could not do these things by himself. The Framers adopted the Take Care Clause to ensure that the executive in this republic is likewise forbidden to make law unilaterally. That is why the duty to “take care” means so much.
How many times did we hear "Bush lied people died?". In the MSM, we NEVER hear that BO lies -- though he does of course, constantly and in our faces. One primary example was at a SOTU when he lied to our faces and said that BOcare "would not apply to those that are here illegally" -- which of course is EXACTLY what BO's DAPA order enables.

Read the linked article and then decide if you believe BO or the heckler was being truthful!

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