Tuesday, May 31, 2016

27 Degrees, Strawberries, Farming

27 Degrees | Firefly Berries:

The official Rochester low was 31, the Twin Cities record low is 31 for that day, set in 1980. The linked blog is the "real world". Here in the real world, we have such a thing as urban heat islands -- the Rochester temps tend to be about 5 degrees higher than  the surrounding area, the Twin Cities are often 10 degrees higher. That is even more true for cold, because the coldest nights are the calm clear nights when the heat radiates to space -- and in the urban settings, all the concrete thermal mass and heat escaping from buildings is unmixed with flowing air.

No "records" were set that day, but for a strawberry farmer it was a bad day -- as covered with some good honest, not overly emotional writing in the linked. The kind of local facts on the ground that we need to ignore.

Our climatologists assure us that they can predict climate to tenths of a degree a century in the future, and we poor unscientific fools are maligned by our betters, the current occupant of the White House being a common one, on a regular basis if we don't pay more attention to those certain tenths of degrees than we do to 27 degrees on a given day that some hick farmer thinks they see.

YES, I'm very aware that "weather is not climate", but on the other hand, there certainly IS a "relationship" -- lots of daily observations from lots of localities all over the world over decades and centuries IS "climate".

For a farmer whose crops freeze, "it's getting warmer" is a milder version of telling the parent who has just lost a child to cancer that "we have made tremendous progress in successfully treating childhood cancer". To the common man, there is an unfortunate tendency for personal experience to have some effect even with the solid studies completed by experts assuring us of "the big picture". The common man is just, well, "common". It is one of those very old problems that are a real burden to the elites.

The modern sophisticated world tells us constantly how we SHOULD think and feel. We should be happy to he point of giddiness over gay "marriage" and transgenders. We should be completely oblivious to 8 dead and 57 wounded over Memorial Weekend in Chicago. We should be guilty, ashamed and afraid of Climate Change / carbon and the number of guns owned by Americans. Cell tissue in a mother's womb is just cells, tiny fish or insects somewhere in the environment are critical elements of biodiversity that must be protected. Trump is a clear and present danger to the world, Hillary is an honest, truthful, wonderful human being. We DO know how we ought think, but for those of us with limited intelligence, we just get confused.

Young women having multiple babies by multiple fathers that they lose track of is cause for compassion, but common people not getting their minds right is simply not excusable. The elites are very angry with those that fail to follow the simple instructions they provide on how the world REALLY is, and failure to ignore any foolish local / personal / short term "observations" that the commoners imagine they are experiencing, is just more proof that they are beneath contempt.

BO has worked hard to educate the riffraff, perhaps Hildebeast will need to take stronger measures.

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