Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Little Lefty Lecture, Tactical

I like to expose myself to how the left "thinks" from time to time. It is kind of like how I used to look at spending a few days in a canoe and tents, or camping out on islands in freezing temps or fishing  years ago -- mostly soaking wet, sometimes close to dying of hypothermia, but HEY, I **DID IT**! Lots of human endeavor has been undertaken on that basis ("It was there!").  Thus, actually reading the linked column, from which I grab this ...
If I’m right about climate change and we clean up our act, we save the planet and humanity in the process. But if we go your route and do nothing, we all die. So all I’m saying here is how about a little compromise on this one? You can go around calling me a hippie-dippie tree-hugger liberal WHILE we clean up our act with the environment, just in case. Why not err on the side of caution on this one?
I mean, if your fantasy-land alternative reality is correct and there’s no such thing as climate change, then what’s the worst thing that could happen here? We get a cleaner planet? And some fresher cleaner air? And plus you get to make fun of all of the silly paranoid hippies. I believe we can call that a win-win.
This young lass has "condescending" down to a real science. I recall one time in particular on a way back from Germany when I had to sit in a middle seat -- people tend to look at me like "Oh, God, PLEASE no!" as I walk down the plane aisle. In this case however the 30ish stylish woman in the seat right of me grabbed on to me as if I was her long lost brother. Turns out the guy to my left, an average gent, was rather inebriated and rather amorous toward said woman. Size has it's privileges, he shut up and went to sleep.

There were other cases in bars and elsewhere where being a reliable and BORING Moose was similarly appreciated by some young lady of acquaintance or at least simulated acquaintance in like fashion.

Back to the article. Big guys are big kids for their age, which means that they get beat up a lot before puberty -- it's not fun, but at least in my case it made me appreciate how it feels to be powerless. Has this young lady somehow completely missed such experiences? Has our world gotten THAT sheltered? We are in graver danger than I even realize.

As I've covered before, wind and solar can be used to cover TWENTY TWO PERCENT of the FEDERAL required peak load coverage.  Clearly this young lady is convinced that her electric power will stay on "no matter what", but in the "imaginary world" that she feels that ridiculous folks like conservatives, engineers, etc live in, the watts to run her blog don't materialize out of the ether.

Shut off the power, shut off the water, and I suspect that miss smug would become a lot less smug very quickly. Were she being raped on the street after a few days with no power and no showers, I'd likely still shoot a couple predators to allow her sweetness to live on in smugness a bit longer. I'm guessing there would be no reason to remind her of "Plus, people would have more sex, which would put the entire country into a much better mood. See? I’m a born problem solver."

It is always POSSIBLE that she could learn to operate in a less sheltered and predictable world. Maybe she just never had the chance!
So see my righty friends, we really can all get along. And you really can read a Liberal article without your heads exploding. Oh, and I almost forgot one last point for my conservative friends…while we’re working on all of this Kumbaya here, how about you chill with all of the hate and try turning your attention more toward what you love instead. And in exchange, we’ll let you keep your beloved guns…. 
For now.
Oh, I will keep my guns -- both the ones in my shoulder sockets and the ones like the .460 S&W Mag that can bring down a cape buffalo. Your opinion on that really doesn't matter on that sweet pea. I knew long ago you and your friends were not trustworthy, what I wonder is how is that you trust yourself? Or is that just another lie dreamed up to cover your insecurity?

Have we really divorced physical reality from wishful thinking to such an extent that this little woman doesn't imagine meeting somebody worse than her worst nightmare in a "dark alley"? I sometimes joke "I hope there aren't mean looking people in there", because people that don't know me tend to think that I look mean -- but I KNOW that there are ALWAYS tougher people -- and ANYONE can get in a lucky shot.

Does "tactical" ever show up on this girl's screen?

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