Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Argument With My Sowell

An Unmitigated Disaster - Thomas Sowell:

Regular readers know that there are few men whose wisdom I respect more that Thomas Sowell, but then you also know I'm something of an iconoclast, so disagreement is to be expected!

Generally, I agree with him that Trump vs Clinton is some level of "disaster", but where I differ is that electing BO TWICE was already a level of disaster that makes future disasters pale in comparison. America WAS an optimistic forward looking nation for all but a brief time in the late '70s when Jimmuh put on his sweater and told us that the world was too short on energy to have Christmas lights!

BO did him one better -- he convinced most Americans that we were no longer exceptional, and to focus on "security", "fairness" and Global Warming as our main concerns.To the extent we have "mood' now, it is resignation, feeling

If nations cannot have confidence in American commitments and American leadership, we are not likely to get their cooperation. And the stakes are life and death.
Sowell argues that Trump might cost us this, but one can't lose what is already lost. BO has MORE than proven that the US is untrustworthy and useless as an ally. Iraq, the deal with Iran, the Chinese building bases in the South China Sea,  his failures in Afghanistan and Eastern Europe being stark examples. It is "possible" that a Trump or Clinton could hurt our standing more, but the horse has left the barn ... anybody that trusts us today is a fool.

It is just barely possible that Trump is crazy like a fox on places like South Korea. If they want to be defended, they can damned well pay a hefty price -- if we don't at least THREATEN to leave them on their own, we likely can't get much of a deal. I can believe that Trump is looking to make a deal with S Korea and other places, and that is fine with me!

Oh, and we ought not to elect Trump because they might use him against us for a long time? Hell, they are still using Hoover, McCarthy, Nixon and now W against us and I don't expect them to stop. They are even still out trying to cement that case that Reagan was senile in his second term and did all sorts of supposed "damage".

If Republicans start worrying about what the Democrats will make up / hold against us, we may as well just give up right now. I can GUARANTEE that NOTHING will turn out to be BO's fault if you listen to the media, nor will ANY Democrat, past nor future be expected to shoulder and blame. That is what the media believes that Republicans are for!

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