Saturday, May 21, 2016

Better A Fascist With Opposition

This is how fascism comes to America - The Washington Post:

In a world with no such thing as "truth", definitions for words, especially incendary ones becomes very problematic. I and Thomas Sowell cover the "fascist" term here.  At the high level:

Communism -- The State owns everything, nobody has any "net worth" since there is no private property.

Socialism -- The State owns most of the means of production, but people have SOME private property at the pleasure of the State -- it makes things "equal" as it and it's voting blocks see fit.

Fascism -- Crony Capitalism / Socialism mix. The State has at least near dictatorial control as in Communism and Socialism, but it keeps "private" industry to be blamed when there are economic problems. All totalitarian states use "scapegoating" since the state is NEVER "the problem", Fascists tend to use this the most.

Capitalism -- An attempt to reduce the government to "referee only". Economics is intended to be free and under private control.

We then have the "Hitler Factor". Even though "Nazi" stood for National SOCIALIST, we were fighting on the same side as Communists (although they ALSO called themselves "Socialists"), so "Fascist" was selected as the appropriate term -- and since Communists are certainly "left", Fascists were made to be "right" -- I cover this here.  While Hitler killed 6 million Jews, the communist / socialists in the USSR, China, Cambodia, etc killed over 100 million -- STATISM KILLS, in this country, 60 million babies so far as well as ever increasing suicides.

The whole linked article has been written about BO multiple times -- the Grecian columns, the cheering masses, the vacuous "Hope and Change", the BO "symbol", the narcissism -- all of it there. The "we are the people we have been waiting for". We already had 8 years of Fascism.

And he came through. He trampled the Constitution, he used the IRS to prosecute his enemies, he opened the borders, he purchased GM and then "sold it back" under effective government control,  he unilaterally declared that men can be in women's bathrooms and locker rooms, he spent unappropriated money on BOcare  -- he did what he wanted and ignored the Constitution and any feelings that the "Bitter Clingers" might have.

Of course Kagan (author of the column) LIKED BO's brand of lawless state control, so he saw no problem with BO being a Fascist. Interestingly, the Republican Establishment is more concerned with Trump than they were with BO. They have been "Statist Lite" -- effectively doing what the columnist suggests and now worries about with Trump:

In such an environment, every political figure confronts a stark choice: Get right with the leader and his mass following or get run over. The human race in such circumstances breaks down into predictable categories — and democratic politicians are the most predictable. There are those whose ambition leads them to jump on the bandwagon.
A solid description of the "Tea Party" vs the "establishment" Boehner, McConnel and Ryan. The establishment Republicans crawled on the bandwagon and licked BO's boots, while some of the Tea Party, Ted Cruz being an example, did not. The Tea Party never really developed a coherent position beyond they didn't enjoy the idea that they were just a speed bump for his most odoriferous excellency BO!  For not jumping on the bandwagon, they were naturally labeled "racist" by guys like Kagan .... in his mind, there was simply to other reason to fail to kneel before the stench of BO!

So we already crossed the Fascist rubicon, and it is now certain that either Trump or Hildebeast will attempt to be as lawless as BO. Hildebeast has already promised to ignore the Constitution and attack the 2nd amendment with executive action. She will clearly appoint SCOTUS judges that will rubber stamp what she does and continue to shred the Constitution on their own.

One thing seems very clear. The DC and MSM opposition to Trump will be GIGANTIC, while Hildebeast will be given the same sort of free ride that BO has received. The Democrats and Republican Establishment will be looking to make him a one-term wonder as well as the entire MSM, education, etc.

I could go on, but for that reason alone, the choice of Trump is HUGELY important vs Hildebeast. A Fascist with strong opposition is going to be very limited in what mischief they can accomplish to the negative -- and MAYBE, just MAYBE, they might be channeled to doing some good.

Yes, I know, that is probably rose colored glasses, but it is hard to ALWAYS be as negative as these times call for, and it is a BEAUTIFUL day here on my deck!

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