Thursday, May 26, 2016

BO Says World Leaders Concerned By Trump

BO today indicated that now that the US has established itself as a completely unreliable ally, 100% of the world leaders prefer a weak president that has either already accepted millions of foreign money in advance of taking office, or one that has negotiated massive deposits for himself in off-shore accounts for services rendered, as in his case.

BO said today,

Hey, there is an Internet and all sorts of communications out there. People around the world are aware that Trump has gotten the Republican nomination, and they are worried!  
They are used to dealing with me, a person who sometimes attempts to identify as a man, but is generally known as a pussy. They know my "red lines" are no more concern than a kindergarten girl drawing in red crayon. I've established the US as a known doormat, useful for strong leaders in Iran, Russia and China to increase their stature at it's expense. Between you and me, I have made some good deals that have made me a VERY rich man! 
The Clintons are complete pikers with their piddly 100's of millions -- Gates and Buffet need to look over their shoulders! Everyone knows how smart I am -- strong men paying to have their way with me is nothing new, and I KNOW how to get the cash!   
They all expected Hillary in a cakewalk, and have pre-paid 100's of millions in advance influence money to continue to have their way when she takes over. Sure, she's a witch, but she is a witch that can be bought, which is all world leadership really cares about.
Trump? Who knows? He is a businessman, so everyone assumes he will deal, but it's unexpected. The big players like to pay their money and KNOW they get their value and the bitter clingers get the shaft. So do I, as does Hillary and Slick. If I liked girls more, I'd hang with the Big Dog  more.   
We have spent a lot of money to open the borders, screw the white folks in the red states and give the idiot white Christians the boot in the ass they deserve. I've ALWAYS hated those people! Hell, I wanted to filter out my damned white mom's blood -- honky bitch left me with my whitebread grandparents for gods sake! ME! THE ONE! My old man, now there was a MAN -- solid Luo tribal blood, anti-colonial warrior! We could have hung out, drank together, done some blow and weed. Damn that white bitch mother!  
But I digress. Anyway, this Trump thing is an ISSUE! I left this country a sad paper tiger with no claws and a gut wound. The only way this nation is to deal with ANYONE in the future is on it's knees! Where the cracker colonialists were always intended to be! I did my job, I deserve every billion I got out of it!   
Anyway, world leaders love me -- if they didn't, they wouldn't be depositing so much money in my accounts. This Trump thing has GOT to be stopped! It might screw up the order of things. "Make American Great Again"! Shit. There IS NO fucking America! I killed it -- the only "greatness" it has left is massive debt and a broken economy -- oh, and my money. Guess what, that is all in gold -- US dollars are soon to be worth what the Constitution I shredded is worth. 
So let's get Trump over with -- it's got me and my paying homies concerned! 

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