Sunday, May 08, 2016

Clinton Cash, Who's Got The Goods

I'm not going to run out and buy this book -- I've seen enough articles and even heard enough through NPR and the NY Times to know that the basics are certainly true. The Clinton's STATED net worth is in the $110+ Million range, and the Clinton Foundation BROUGHT IN $214 Million in 2012, followed by $262 M and $223 M in 2013 and 2015 (Wiki skipped 2014 for some reason ...).

On the up and up, the "Foundation" can can cover any "expenses" the Clinton's might have that aren't covered by Slick being and ex-president, various people providing them "services" as part of their relationship, etc. Remember when the $300M wealth of Mitt Romney was such a HUGE issue? That of course being 8 years after the $800 M wealth of John Kerry was a complete NON issue. People that have any level of memory and lack complete and total trust for the media machine might wonder just a bit about some "small" differences in the ways these things are treated!

From 2001 through 2012 Bill collected $105.5 million for speeches and raised hundreds of millions for the foundation. When she was nominated, Hillary said she saw no conflict. President Obama pressed for a memorandum of understanding in which the Clintons would agree to submit speeches to State’s ethics office, disclose the names of major donors to the foundation, and seek administration approval before accepting direct contributions to the foundation from foreign governments. The Clintons accepted the agreement and violated it “almost immediately.” Revealingly, they amassed wealth primarily by operating “at the fringes of the developed world.” Their “most lucrative transactions” did not involve countries like Germany and Britain, where modern ethical rules and procedures are in force, but emerging nations, where regulations are lax.

It's good to be Queen. The only way I can parse the fact that the Clinton's are given a pass is that "The Party" (TP-D) is now the closest thing to a "religion" that something around half of pagan Americans have. As such, the leaders of TP are like Popes and Cardinals used to be  -- "infallible", so they can simply do what they want.

With the rise of the NSA and data gathering the past 10-15 years, I keep wondering, "who's got the goods"?  The ability to run down Denny Hastert over drawing too much money out of a bank is likely just the VERY tip of the iceberg. How many people does TP have in their pocket over everything from sexual matters, financial dealings, substance abuse, having once held some now unpopular position, etc, etc. Owners of the New York Times? Washington Post? virtually every media outlet there is? It makes me wonder.

With Trump running, will he be able to act as the "whistle blower" for half of the American population and defeat the Queen? It will be an interesting thing to watch.

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