Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Constitutional Convention of the States (Placeholder)

Mostly just linking this so I have it for reference -- not bad, but not top grade in my book.
I was struck by the fact that the men who gathered in Philadelphia in 1776 and 1787, while knowledgeable about history, understood human nature. That there are two driving forces in mankind: 1) survival and 2) the insatiable need for some to dominate and control others.
If I was to distill human drives to two items, I'd pick love and power. Under love, there are all sorts of things -- happiness, comfort, sex, family, security. Under "power" is money, possessions, political power, fame, etc.

The easiest course to assume this power was to promise, in return for the support of the people to overturn the existing order, that the state through a new ruling class would provide cradle-to-grave economic security. Thus, a Faustian bargain encompassing the desire by the majority for ease of survival and others for the need to rule would be entered into. In the case of Russia, Italy and Germany, this bargain resulted in the ascension to power of megalomaniacs who destroyed their nations and brought about the near destruction of a continent.
 The age old tradeoff of the sheep -- give up your freedom to be fed and cared for, BUT do your masters REALLY care?
America is living out the scenario the Founders feared, as they knew whatever framework they created would be viable only as long as the citizenry remained vigilant, informed and a just and moral people. Anticipating that at some point in history what is happening today would occur, these men provided a mechanism within the Constitution to peacefully change course and return power to the people if the American people choose to do so.

What he is talking about is a Constitutional Convention of the states -- where 2/3 of the states would have already signed up for the agenda. I don't know much about it, apparently "The Liberty Amendments" is a book that covers this potential.

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