Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Embracing Trump, His Own Media

Donald Trump and His Supporters:

An excellent column by Victor Davis Hanson, well worth reading it all.

Since last night and sitting in the surgery waiting room waiting for my Dad with MSNBC on, I realize that MSNBC, NBC, NPR, the Comedy channel, late night TV, etc do what Trump does. They do the name calling, derision, personal attacks, etc -- day, after day, drip, drip, rip rip. -- But of course they do it ONLY to Republicans, Trump does it to EVERYONE!

Think Sarah Palin -- everything from her clothes, to her family, her downs syndrome child, pictures of her in her high school B-ball outfit, was "out" front and center. The "gotcha questions" flowed, Saturday Night Live was all over her. She was made into a laughing stock.

We could go on forever W, Reagan, Dan Quayle, McCain-- case after case. THE MEDIA **IS** DONALD TRUMP from the left! They deride, demean, they RIDICULE! Perhaps Trump read "Rules for Radicals"?

...  I love the 5th rule -- "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule." I strongly suspect that many of our media friends are well aware of this one. Immediately during the Bush administration from the media to the late night talk shows, the ridicule of Bush and Cheney became universal. Sometimes it had some basis in truth, most times it was simply a caricature that was used to denigrate them. It worked extremely well with 80%+ of the population, the dark side IS very strong at a minimum.
Consider this paragraph from the linked article.

Tomorrow Trump could declare there to be 57 states, or address vets as Corpse-men or tell his legions to bring a gun to a knife fight — and none of his supporters would find him clueless, half-educated, or incendiary. If Trump brought one of his wheeler-dealer Manhattan real-estate cronies to a rally and the man’s court-ordered ankle bracelet went off, no one would bat an eye.
Some may read it and not realize that ALL of those are Obama -- and in general, few know and nobody cares. So the next paragraph has a double meaning. As I've said a few times, Trump is NOT "new" -- BO is also a "post truth, post rules, post wisdom, post values" -- he is ANOTHER version of NO RULES!

In other words, Trump is a postmodern creation, for whom traditional and time-tested rules do not apply. He is neither brilliant nor unhinged, neither ecumenical nor just a polarizer, not a wrecker and not a savior of the Republican party, but something else altogether. He does not defy conventional wisdom. There simply is no convention and no wisdom applicable to Donald J. Trump. For years postmodernists have lectured us that there is no truth, no absolutes, no timeless protocols worthy of reverence; Trump is their Nemesis, who reifies their theories that truth is simply a narrative whose veracity is established by the degree of power and persuasion behind it.
("reifies" - makes real) The lawlessness, disrespect of any truth, absolutes, history, etc is the same for BO ... and Hillary or Bernie for that matter. No rules means no rules. "The Party" (TP-Democrat), being dominant in media, entertainment, law, education, and most of all in the massive government unionized bureaucracy, completely expects that they will be able to continue to destroy civilization step by step. Respect for life (abortion), Christianity, Patriotism, Marriage, Private Property and Gender have all been heavily damaged already.

When truth and value are so damaged that very few even consider them real, and a single political voice (TP) is so powerful that the majority of people assume that TP is itself "truth", there is really no "rational" option to combat the decline other than to select a champion like Trump that can manipulate the media directly and GET COVERAGE!

The media treat him like a cobra rising from a basket — terrified that if at any moment they stop their music, the smiling serpent might strike and bite them in the nose.

The media treats Trump like they treat a mass shooting. They believe their world view is so dominant that the nation MUST rally to their side if they just "report the facts". So far, the result of their Trump coverage is pretty much the same as the results of their mass shooting coverage. The public support for both Trump and gun rights goes up as the media continue to report what they are certain MUST have the other result.

There may be a limit to fooling "all of the people all of the time" after all. The economy sucks, the position of the US is tumbling, the future looks at least completely uncertain if not horrible -- and for a huge swath of people, the answer to "are you better off" is a LARGE and PAINFUL NO!!!

Is it a majority of the electorate? That remains to be seen and many twists and turns are possible. In some ways, a 3 or even 4 way race between Hildebeast, Trump, "Some establishment Republican" and Sanders might be the "most representative" of the choices that 20-30% segments of the population want.

So far, the biggest loser is the conventional wisdom.

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