Friday, May 13, 2016

Fundamentally Transforming Gender in BOistan

White House stands up for transgender students - POLITICO:

The Education and Justice Departments this morning sent a Dear Colleague letter to every public school district in the country reaffirming the administration’s interpretation of sweeping protections for transgender students under Title IX — including a transgender student’s right to use a bathroom or locker room that aligns with his or her gender identity.
Got that? The "fundamental transformation" of "America" into "BOistan" has just taken another giant step. While I suppose the gays were not included, I can't think of a High School male that didn't have recurrent dreams of the scenic beauty of the girls locker room and shower! Now, all it takes is having the balls to "get confused" for a day and you have the FEDERAL RIGHT!

I'm sure kids are WAY more "mature" these days, but I can only imagine the "I dare you" on both sides of the genders. I'm pretty sure there would have been a handful of girls in our HS that would have really enjoyed a few showers with the boys. Or from the male side, you want to see a girl you find to be especially attractive naked? All you need to know is when her gym class is and "get confused", simple.

The irony of this new "right" being found under the  imaginary "privacy clause" of the Constitution is simply too much. Privacy? Oh, we HAD to have gay "marriage" so the government wasn't "peeking in your bedroom"! Yup, consistency is definitely not an issue.

Can this be Trumped????

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