Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hildebeast Human DNA Challenge

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump not qualified to be president -

Qualifications?  US President is one of those jobs that just demands a warm body over the age of 36 that can make some sort of claim to citizenship. I'm not really sure you would have to show an ID to be elected President anymore -- I mean, doesn't it seem like "discriminating"?

WOW, I REALLY wish she would just LEAVE! Let's review:

1). Slick Willie established that there was NO CHARACTER REQUIRED to be president. You could lie, you could break laws, it doesn't matter. Both Trump and Hildebeast are only present in the race because of this requirement being removed. Hildebeast is as close to pure evil as you can get -- but then she may be lying about that too. Trump is at least an unknown quantity. Character IS NOT AN ISSUE!

2). Competence. BO established that one could be president with NO DEMONSTRATED COMPETENCE! He tried to claim that running a campaign (or having others run it) was all one needed. Hildebeast has failed at everything she has ever tried -- if she wasn't a Clinton, she would already be in jail for CRIMINALLY failing at the SOS job! Trump at least has a few buildings and some nice toys, a few bucks, and people employed, but there are no experience qualifications to be president!

Hillary's ONLY "qualification" for ANYTHING is that she married Bill. Take that away and we would have (blissfully) never heard of her!

I can't even imagine that screeching harpy being in the White House. Every time she opens her mouth it is like listening to a dental drill running while it chews it's way through the roots of a tooth into your jaw!

Can she actually be human? Is this Hell? I was thinking that they ought to demand a DNA sample because it is doubtful she is actually human. Demon spawn? Undead?

However, I'm guessing that requiring that presidents be human is no longer valid. No standards really does mean no standards.

Could somebody shut that drill off!!!!!

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