Friday, May 27, 2016

Hildebeast, Lerner, Corruption

Hillary Embodies Washington’s Decadence - WSJ:

Peggy scores a good one here on the rise of Trump. Things like the buried IRS scandal tell us something of how far the culture of corruption in DC has sunk.

A high official in the IRS named Lois Lerner targets those she finds politically hateful. IRS officials are in the White House a lot, which oddly enough finds the same people hateful. News of the IRS targeting is about to break because an inspector general is on the case, so Ms. Lerner plants a question at a conference, answers with a rehearsed lie, tries to pin the scandal on workers in a cubicle farm in Cincinnati, lies some more, gets called into Congress, takes the Fifth—and then retires with full pension and benefits, bonuses intact. Taxpayers will be footing the bill for years for the woman who in some cases targeted them, and blew up the reputation of the IRS.
Nixon WANTED to use the IRS to go after his "enemies" -- even then, the IRS employees where all Democrats, so they squealed. Today, they don't squeal ... they do the job, then a coverup, then take the 5th and retire with full benefits and BO's eternal gratitude.

Which brings us to the State Department Office of Inspector General’s report involving Hillary Clinton’s emails. It reveals one big thing: Almost everything she has said publicly about her private server was a lie. She lied brazenly, coolly, as one who is practiced in lying would, as one who always gets away with it could.
When Nixon was impeached, the BIG issue was "lying to the American people". During Iran Contra, the task was to catch Reagan in a lie and do another impeachment. Then came Slick Willie -- suddenly, lies by the president were OK. While D's brought back the "Special Prosecutor" for the Plame affair during W's administration  and constantly talked of "Bush lied, ...", after Slick Willie, the idea of "truth in the presidency" was a bit wistful at best. BO made lying and lips moving the same thing -- nobody expects truth from the presidency or all of DC for that matter.

So DC became a certified cesspool, so why would anyone expect Hildebeast to NOT get away with lying?

It is widely assumed that Mrs. Clinton will pay no price for misbehavior because the Democratic president’s Justice Department is not going to proceed with charges against the likely Democratic presidential nominee. 
This is what everyone thinks, and not only because they watch “Scandal.” Because they watch the news. 
That is the civic decadence they want to see blown up. And there’s this orange-colored bomb . . .

Should Trump shock all and win, both parties, the entire Deep / Administrative State, and 90% of the media will be out for his skin the day after the election. There are WAY too many bodies buried WAY too shallowly around our hypercorrupt government -- it is going to take a BIG bomb!

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