Sunday, May 15, 2016

Impunity In An Amoral World, Shocking!

The age of impunity - The Boston Globe:
Impunity is epidemic in America. The rich and powerful get away with their heists in broad daylight. When a politician like Bernie Sanders calls out the corruption, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal double down with their mockery over such a foolish “dreamer.” The Journal recently opposed the corruption sentence of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell for taking large gifts and bestowing official favors — because everybody does it. And one of its columnists praised Panama for facilitating the ability of wealthy individuals to hide their income from “predatory governments” trying to collect taxes. No kidding. 
So we live in a world that has no fixed transcendent morals and the Boston Globe is SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you! that people try to avoid paying taxes.

You see, in gambling, it is always clear who "the house" is. In a world where morality is no more, "the house" is the government, and while the Boston Globe may be "shocked", the fact that all real morals and obligations have been abandoned and supposedly "replaced" the the "sacred obligation" to pay exorbitant tax rates at the point of a gun, some people still try to avoid paying those rates.

Impunity is not an accidental or incidental defect of American society. It is a system foisted on us by the rich and powerful, and it continues to work its magic. It has enabled Hillary Clinton to come within reach of the presidential nomination without releasing the transcripts of her highly paid speeches to Wall Street banks. The Clintons long ago perfected the art of impunity, becoming rich and powerful by blurring the lines between their campaign fund-raising, public policies in office, Clinton Foundation work, big-money speeches, and off-the-record favors for foreign governments.
The Boston Globe believes that separating people from their money at gunpoint ought to be as easy as killing a fetus in it's mothers womb, taking somebodies property by "eminent domain" under Kelo or changing the timeless meaning of "marriage" at the stroke of a pen.

But some still struggle -- and unsurprisingly, in a country where "money" has become the major substitute for "meaning", the wealthy fight hardest of all. They especially have put the meaning of their whole lives in acquisition of more wealth, so they hold it dear -- as obviously does the government and the Boston Globe.

And they are SHOCKED that when the meaning of life for millions has been reduced to money -- and political power, the politically powerful fight to keep their money (and power), and many seek to convert parts of their power into wealth -- as the Clintons have done.

We have replaced values and truth with money and power -- and we are SHOCKED!

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