Monday, May 02, 2016

Laughing At Alzheimers or Transgenders

Was Will Ferrell’s Reagan Comedy Really Mocking Alzheimer’s? - The Daily Beast:

Mocking Alzheimers?  -- as the linked article points out, "How unfair"! ... and a lot of people "didn't even read the script"! It's reminiscent  of how the prudes didn't like federal funding of "Piss Christ" or Mother Mary done in elephant dung. What a chilling lack of tolerance for "art".

One thing Hollywood wants to get across -- with the help of Bill O'Reilly no less is the false narrative of Reagan falling into Alzheimer's early in his second term. That has been thoroughly debunked, if you follow the link to Power Line off this post, you can verify that.

It is instructive that the media also has created the meme that "Reagan laughed at AIDs" -- based on some staffers and media people having uncomfortable laughter dealing with the issue in the early '80s.

We ALL live our lives according to SOME "story line" which fits with our World View. We have no choice, we have a VERY finite human brain that is WIRED to deal with "narrative" through the filter ouf our World View.

In the narrative of TP, Reagan was an idiot, thought he was acting in a movie, out of touch, etc, etc" for his whole public life -- Alzheimer's being what killed him is just another "fact" to reflect back into the already created narrative that makes him a character for derision.

Our American educational system and media machine has destroyed the ability of the vast majority to even begin to think critically -- so we are prey to any Obama, Trump, Hillary, etc that shows up!

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