Sunday, May 08, 2016

NY Times Confesses Liberal Bias

A Confession of Liberal Intolerance -

Well, not at the paper, that would be a BIT much! But at universities.

I’ve been thinking about this because on Facebook recently I wondered aloud whether universities stigmatize conservatives and undermine intellectual diversity. The scornful reaction from my fellow liberals proved the point.

“Much of the ‘conservative’ worldview consists of ideas that are known empirically to be false,” said Carmi. 
“The truth has a liberal slant,” wrote Michelle. 
“Why stop there?” asked Steven. “How about we make faculties more diverse by hiring idiots?” 
To me, the conversation illuminated primarily liberal arrogance — the implication that conservatives don’t have anything significant to add to the discussion. My Facebook followers have incredible compassion for war victims in South Sudan, for kids who have been trafficked, even for abused chickens, but no obvious empathy for conservative scholars facing discrimination.
The article is a worthwhile read only because it is a "progressive" from the NY Times making many of the same obvious observations that myself and a number of conservatives have been making for DECADES. At the end he seems to believe that liberals will simply realize that having percentages of conservatives in the single digits in the university is just unacceptable for finding "truth".

Readers of this blog know there are a few issues with his analysis:

  1. In an empirical universe (matter is all there is), then "truth" is at the very most provisional (inductive) and limited to items that data can be gathered on. Moral "right and wrong" are purely "convention" and can be changed at any time. 
  2. In such a universe, Christians, believers in the Constitution, and most conservatives certainly ARE "wrong". EMPIRICAL "truth" DOES have a "liberal slant", because liberalism assumes that "man is the measure of all things" and Science is the closest we get to "ultimate knowledge". 
  3. In an empirical universe where moral issues are decided by "might makes right", any level of discussion of such things is VERY frightening to those who hold the faith that "God is Dead" is "settled Science" (or at least settled thought). If you keep "idiots" on your faculty who dare disagree, it is going to confuse some impressionable young minds! As NPR points out, not supporting a woman's "right to choose" just isn't negotiable -- so you you really can't have a practicing Christian out of the closet on your faculty! 
The fact that such an article can appear in the NY Times is however surprising and a positive sign! 

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