Monday, May 23, 2016

Stop The "Johnson" Talk!, Sheep, Fools and Tools

Gary Johnson & Libertarian Party -- Conservatives, Beware | National Review:

It is hard to imagine that anyone that is not simply "protesting" would vote for Johnson. He has no chance of winning, and as I've mentioned before, I'd be unsurprised to see the "Libertarians" pick someone else anyway. My answer is that libertarians just want legal drugs and hookers at heart.

The article is a little on the long side, I think a couple of things summarize it rather well.
Johnson inherited a debt of $1.8 billion and left a debt of $4.6 billion, a rate of increase unmatched by the 22 governors in either party who have filed for presidential primaries in the past two decades, with the exception of Governor Tom Vilsack (D., Iowa) in 2007. During every year that Johnson, as he says, balanced the budget, he added to the debt.
So much for "small government".

Want to know who to blame for BOcare? Libertarians in MN.
... Al Franken beat Norm Coleman by 215 votes, with the Libertarian party netting 13,916 votes for a candidate focused on economic issues, particularly drilling. A little more than a year later, Obamacare passed with 60 votes, Franken providing the 60th. With public funds and a professional ground game diverting votes, who knows what Congress might pass?  
As Libertarian-party activists like to say, don’t vote for the lesser evil. If you want a libertarian, please consider writing in Janice Rogers Brown or Penn Jillette. If you want someone who isn’t a barbarian, please consider Mitch Daniels. By all means, give up on this year’s presidential race if you must, but please don’t throw away 2020.
The basic Libertarian arguments are:
  1. There is NO DIFFERENCE between the other two parties!!!!
  2. Everyone who votes for the two political parties is a "sheep, fool, tool, etc" 
  3. Libertarians are not cranks! Quit saying they are cranks! ... you sheep, fools, tools ... 
  4. Voting "your heart" is completely honorable, can't hurt anything, and is NOT a "wasted vote" ... see #1. It's the political equivalent of leaving your wife and 5 kids for "love" ... ya just gotta do it!
Like "liberals", libertarians tend to have a rosy vision of "something" in their heads that is just wonderful and "is GOING to happen SOMEDAY" -- so looking at things like actual track records and actual results of voting for unicorns is not what they are about.

But if you are NOT a libertarian or liberal, please, no "Johnson talk", it is obscene! You sheep, fools and tools!

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