Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Atlantic Semi Spots The Chaos

How American Politics Became So Ineffective - The Atlantic:

According to science, language, like life, is an "emergent phenomenon" -- which is scientific for "damned if we know where it came from"! They like to sound more sophisticated than that -- it "emerged" via "memes" in populations where some forms of wording conveyed proper meaning better than others and thus "were selected". How? Well, like the Heisenberg compensators in the Star Trek transporter, "very well".

Whole rafts of things in human existence are unsurprisingly "emergent", since according to Darwin, all life is emergent, and thus humans themselves are an example of "stuff that showed up because it must have worked better than other stuff".

Free Markets are emergent. Culture is emergent. Darwin's Cathedral tells you that religion is emergent. The linked article tells you that political parties were emergent from the basic framework of the Constitution. So far, political scientists have not tried to assert that the Constitution "emerged" from some primordial soup of ancient memes and the "founders" are merely "myth", but give them time.

In any case, Trump has the folks at the Atlantic trying to figure out "what went wrong?", and it is entertaining at least to observe their thinking.
"Americans have been busy demonizing and disempowering political professionals and parties, which is like spending decades abusing and attacking your own immune system. Eventually, you will get sick."
See, political parties, "middlemen", local hacks, toadies, sycophants and all sorts of flora and fauna "emerged" to magically make the American political system work -- but we failed to understand that you can't have a "political market" without "market makers", and thus "attacked our immune system" (the "political professionals" acted as gatekeepers) ... an "immune system" if you will.
The middlemen could be undemocratic, high-handed, devious, secretive. But they had one great virtue: They brought order from chaos. They encouraged coordination, interdependency, and mutual accountability. They discouraged solipsistic and antisocial political behavior.
Ah yes, "order from chaos". Me thinks that the column authors targeted a WEE bit too precisely here. In a truth free, value free, culture free nation, do you really expect that "political parties" can bring "order from chaos"? My assertion is that we attacked our CULTURE -- which was based on RELIGION, and the problem that the Atlantic perceives with "political parties" is just a SYMPTOM ... like "liver spots" on the skin being a sign of a failing liver -- but they want to treat the spots!
Middlemen have a characteristic that is essential in politics: They stick around. Because careerists and hacks make their living off the system, they have a stake in assembling durable coalitions, in retaining power over time, and in keeping the government in functioning order.
It used to be that religion, culture, community, family, truth, values and a whole lot of other stuff including the Constitution "stuck around". The columnist has a pretty high expectation of the powers of "political middlemen".  The article writer actually gets it right early on in the article:

The core idea of the Constitution was to restrain ambition and excess by forcing competing powers and factions to bargain and compromise
The Framers worried about demagogic excess and populist caprice, so they created buffers and gatekeepers between voters and the government. Only one chamber, the House of Representatives, would be directly elected. A radical who wanted to get into the Senate would need to get past the state legislature, which selected senators; a usurper who wanted to seize the presidency would need to get past the Electoral College, a convocation of elders who chose the president; and so on.
If you summarize the relatively long article, the author is really attempting to constrain democracy by party political patronage!  Naturally, as a liberal, he is only REALLY worried about Trump, but he DOES point out that Bernie, Cruz and Trump are all "political psychopaths" -- meaning that they don't care what their political parties think.

The problem is in the paragraph I quoted above -- we were NEVER intended to be a "democracy" AT ALL!  but rather a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. The ONLY "democratic election" was to be for the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! There would be no need to try to hack political parties to subvert the democracy needed to elect the House!  The death of party politics is just one more symptom of the chaos engendered by directly electing the Senate, neutering the Electoral College,  and abandoning the Constitution with it's amendment process!

The left is unable to see that ever more massive government is NOT American, nor even sustainable ANYWHERE -- no matter how much party patronage you have. He can only see that "parties losing power" (the Republican party) has given rise to two "pathogens" in his mind -- the Tea Party and Trump. Take a look around. Are brontosauruses still in existence? Are blue whales being replaced by "mega blue whales"? SCALING PROBLEMS EXIST! Bigger IS NOT always better!

I signed up for IBM because I really thought that a large corporation had distinct advantages -- it did, but it also had big DISADVANTAGES -- as does big government, or the EU, or ANY large organization or organism!

What he fails to see is that when there is no culture, no truth, no standards, no shared common values, then for a nation founded on IDEAS, there is NO COUNTRY -- just a rotting massive hulk where EVERYTHING is rotting, and the political parties are just one small example!

Trump, Hildebeast, BO, Bernie, political middlemen,  etc are ALL just symptoms!

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Fraudulently Losing

Pretty much all of us except the MOST highly gifted have experienced the shock of being a fairly big fish in a smaller pond, moving up, and finding that we were not as special as we thought. Maybe we were hot stuff in a smallish high school and breezed through -- got up to college and discovered the first semester that the competition was a lot tougher. Maybe we were so smart we made it out to the world of work before we realized that "book smart" wasn't everything, and a few years of experience put us in our places.

Such experiences are pretty much good for us and a "right of passage", when they force us to "kick it up another notch", but most of us also know that a whole bunch of freshman headed home after that "bad semester" or "bad year" -- for whatever reason, they were not able to find that extra gear.

Universities bring in thousands of new freshmen every year -- they have a very good handle on who is "MIT material" and who might do better at a "Nice Big Ten School", or maybe two years at a community college to hone the skills a bit.

"Affirmative Action" doesn't allow that. Some set of students of color MUST be admitted, so the standards need to be lowered. Those students may be very excited to be "accepted at MIT", but if they struggle and fail there, they may fail to recover and thus fail to get the education that would have enabled them to succeed -- they WERE smart enough to succeed, just not at MIT!

Meanwhile, some other student -- these days likely a person of Asian decent, possibly even a female, who DID have the grades and would have succeeded, is denied that chance.

But minority students admitted to institutions whose academic standards they do not meet are all too often needlessly turned into failures, even when they have the prerequisites for success in some other institution whose normal standards they do meet. 
When black students who scored at the 90th percentile in math were admitted to M.I.T., where the other students scored at the 99th percentile, a significant number of black students failed to graduate there, even though they could have graduated with honors at most other academic institutions. 
We do not have so many students with that kind of ability that we can afford to sacrifice them on the altar to political correctness.

If the US was still winning at global competition, perhaps we could afford that loss of skill, but we have succeeded in making ourselves noncompetitive on the world market!  Naturally, uttering this is "racist" -- even if the student not getting the slot is an Asian female!

The costs of our foolishness are high and we are LONG past being able to afford those costs!

Extreme Tribal Logic, Pro-Choice, NRA

The Gosnell Memory Hole | commentary:

When all issues are primarily political and most of the population is a member of a political tribe that gives no quarter to the other tribes, then sort of discussions or reasoned debate become nearly impossible.

The linked article calls out how the recent widely hailed SCOTUS decision in Whole Women's Health vs Hellerstedt in TX that essentially outlaws state regulation of abortion clinics completely fails to recall the horror of Kermit Gosnell and his putrid house of horrors killing full term babies and women seeking abortions in Pennsylvania. The Gosnell story received very little coverage even though he was convicted and women lost their lives -- the BIG issue is "abortion always easy, close to free or free in cost, and very very available". To the extent possible, WITHOUT REGULATION! (could be the last thing that "liberals" think that about -- they are intent on regulating how much your toilet flushes for example!).

If the general public could think of the MSM on the issue of abortion like they are schooled to think of the NRA on the issue of guns, they might start to sense the world of tribal extremes.

Forget "common sense" -- we have two ideological camps that increasingly hate the other camp and want to see them "defeated / dishonored / destroyed ... preferably DEAD". Kill the NRA, kill anyone that wants to restrict / regulate / control abortion, etc.

The NRA of course doesn't ACTUALLY expect everyone to have a gun including felons, nor is it against ANY registration of guns -- or certainly not against guns functioning properly and being "safe" to the extent that they don't blow up and injure the operator.

But the abortion rights people ARE there! They explicitly don't care if places that provide abortions are regulated to be safe in their practice of medicine, clean, or even be run by a doctor that has proper credentials and is allowed to see patients at a nearby hospital! No, as long as that baby can be murdered, they want NO RESTRICTIONS -- and they mean NO RESTRICTIONS!

In comparison, the NRA is positively "progressive" -- it CERTAINLY wants guns to be regulated to be safe, accurate, reliable, etc, it STRONGLY supports training for everyone that uses guns in safety procedures, range rules, etc, etc., and it is even very active in trying to have CURRENT registrations / background checks, etc ENFORCED with ACTUAL PENALTIES -- but as we see over and over again, violators of current gun laws -- straw purchasers, etc are let off with little or no enforcement.

We live in the age of insanity -- there is really no other explanation for people who are supposedly "pro-woman" applauding the removal of any sort of regulation on procedures to be carried out on their bodies for the pre-medicated murder of their children. They don't care if "reasonable medical procedures" are followed, they just want those babies D E A D -- and that is ALL that matters!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

EU Readys Hair Dryer and Toaster Attack

First They Came for My Commode . . . | Power Line:

The 1.6 gal flush limit is a a classic -- we use handicapped toilets, the poor man's version of the Clinton Foundation for flushing.  (the Clinton Foundation gets around tax laws, the handicapped toilet gets around ... never mind, if you are not smart enough to figure it out, you really need to go to a different blog!)

Can't they just get it over with and come for our guns so we can FINALLY have this "bloody mess" (in honor of the Brits) over one way or another?

"Gun Control" -- get the assailant (or Federal agent) in the sights and SQUEEZE until the threat is terminated, then repeat as needed ...

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Kill The Facts

Democratic Party Hate Kills? | Power Line:

The picture in the linked has been floating around -- gays blame Republicans for a Democrat Muslim killing 49 of them.

Marketing truly is EVERYTHING -- I blame George W Bush!

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Clinton Donor Suffers Tragic Home Barbell Death

Coroner: Former United Nations (UN) official John Ashe died when barbell fell on his neck |
A former president of the U.N. General Assembly awaiting trial in a bribery scandal died in a weightlifting accident when a barbell he was lifting from a bench dropped on his neck, an autopsy revealed Thursday.
Prosecutors said a billionaire Chinese businessman and others had funneled over $1 million to Ashe while he served as president of the 193-nation assembly from September 2013 to September 2014. The billionaire Chinese real estate maven, two diplomats and a humanitarian organization officer were among others charged in the case.

Maybe Ng figured all that stateside fuss about the Clintons was forgotten when he made a series of brief trips to New York with suitcases of cash on a total of 10 occasions between July 12, 2013, and July 5 of this year. The amounts ranged from $200,000 to $900,000, for a total in excess of $4.5 million.
The UN official being John Ashe, one-time president of the General Assembly and still the permanent representative from Antigua and Barbuda.
Here is Ng in happier times with one of "his folks".

Nothing up here folks ... "what does it matter now anyway?". No question it was all a "simple accident" -- be VERY careful if you are going to testify in the vicinity of the Clinton's!

"Accidents" DO happen!

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VOTE TRUMP! History Is Not A Movie

I've enjoyed some Ken Burns movies -- The Civil War especially. I'm not going to bother to quote anything from his screed -- the same rancid out of touch rhetoric applies to Hildebeast and BO just as well or better -- and as I've said before, at least Trump will CERTAINLY have opposition, Hildebeast won't! If one could die of sanctimony, Ken Burns would no longer be with us.

We definitely need our own "Brexit" from the oppressiveness of people with Burn's attitude. There is a good reason that folks like Slick Willie get BJs in the oval office and wore a $60K watch while talking about income inequality in Davos Switzerland  --- BECAUSE THEY CAN! We live in a system where guys like Burns would NEVER point out the truth about Hildebeast, Slick Willie or BO, but he can say anything he wants about Trump with impunity. Our Founding Fathers would have challenged him to a duel and put a slug through the little slug.

Jimmuh Carter was an INSULT to "history", Slick Willie was an insult to even the concept of character, BO is an insult to Luo Tribesman, and Hildebeast is an insult to demons in Hell. We used to have a country -- now we have an insult to it's memory!

I'm finally starting to get EXCITED about voting for Trump -- a Trump win would make Ken Burns just as mad as Reagan winning, the Republicans taking the House in '94, Brexit, and some flunky not getting his tea to his "hisorianship" when he wanted it all rolled into one.

Maybe he would do a documentary on his hissy fit -- I'd definitely watch THAT!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Calling God Names

Is the God of Jews, Christians and Muslims a homophobe? - LA Times:

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. What does it mean to attempt to call God names, like some child on the playground?

Atheism is easy to understand -- "*I* am god. *I* define morality, truth, meaning, etc -- *I* "pull myself up by my bootstraps". It works as well as a spiritual solution as it does as a way to physically fly.

But how does one even begin to get their head around the idea that they ostensively want to claim there IS a "god", but they are worried that he is "homophobic"?  I'm pretty sure they are "just kidding" -- they would like the intellectually VERY shallow idea that you can somehow believe in an actual creator of the universe, and then psychoanalyze him. We'll play along, but REALLY?

First of all, the God of Judaism and Christianity is NOT the same as the god of Islam. The Hebrew God is a God of order -- the Islamic god is a god "beyond order", which might easily be cast as "chaos" making the rather unsurprising conclusion that the Islamic god is Satan. See detail here.

If there is no god, then homosexuality and not having children is the very definition of "non-adaptive" as we see clearly as Muslims, Hispanics and Mormons take over the west. A not very detailed study of evolution will  inform you that those who fail to breed fare rather badly in the "survival of the fittest". The "selfish gene" that is so "selfish" that it decides that masturbation or being gay is appropriate is the definition of "too selfish to survive".  The future belongs to those who show up. Sorry Western civilization.

If there is a God, it appears that he might understand genetics and offspring -- shocking though that may be to those bent on psychoanalyzing the infinite. Removing non-adaptive characteristics from the gene pool may appear draconian, but when you are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, you get to decide. When GOD makes the same claims as your average atheist -- **I** AM GOD, **I** define truth, meaning, etc, it bears a lot more gravitas than a sniveling shitting, puking, soon to be worm eaten mortal making pronouncements from their "high horse" (children's rocking horse?).

I just finished Nietzsche's "Zarathustra", and will try to blog on it "soon", but the hubris is so thick it makes you really wonder about divine justice ... from Wikipedia.

In 1889, at age 44, he suffered a collapse and a complete loss of his mental faculties.[10] He lived his remaining years in the care of his mother (until her death in 1897) and then with his sisterElisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, and died in 1900.
So Mr "superman", who railed against compassion, was forced to spend the end of his sorry life in the care of his mother and sister.   Certainly an intelligent man, but not a wise one. Just a little sampling of the kind of "thought" in the linked article.

Because I am a Christian, I suppose I more easily mock the views of another Christian, like Dan Patrick, toward my homosexuality, than I would mock a Muslim. But the wider problem with the Abrahamic religions remains: How will the new sexual freedoms of the West meet the religious conservatism of the East, especially as immigration has made distinctions between West and East moot in West Detroit or East London?
"I am a Christian" ... but I mock God and other Christians. I am proud to declare myself homosexual in direct opposition to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, but I seek no forgiveness. No, "the problem" is with the "Abrahamic religions"!  What will happen to these "sexual freedoms"? They will surely die -- with the Western civilization that spurned both the law of God and the law of survival of the fittest. Oh, and as for the author of the article? Well, God will be the judge of that.

Let us pray that God shows compassion on a remnant of believers who will be saved from this pit of cultural insanity and hubris.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The World Is New Again!

I drove to work yesterday listening to NPR and thinking how much they sounded like the day after Reagan was elected or the day after the Republicans took control of Congress in the '94 election. Shocked, dismayed, confused,  -- their certain model of the world damaged.

As I covered here, the idea that ever larger, more powerful and more centralized political institutions were "inevitable" goes back to at least "The League of Nations" which decided that WWI was to the "War to End All Wars" -- the experts were certain they had the answer.

There was the little problem of WWII, but the experts were undaunted -- The United Nations fixed the small flaws in the League, and as we know, we have had no wars since then -- in any case, as this article says, it was assumed that the move to "world government" was inevitable -- eventually the world would be ruled by a single organization, likely even a single person in charge of a massive bureaucracy. The "elite" would be those who rose through the single state controlled, directed, and approved educational / indoctrination system and rose through the bureaucracy, schooled in toadyism, back stabbing, and the stilted and obscure language of bureaucracy to take their place at the top of the "Brave New Order".

But maybe not -- perhaps the future does not have an already decided end. Perhaps the future is what we make it!
And so we launch yet another phase in human history, where what’s old — nations pursuing their own interests — is new again. On one end of the European continent sits Russia, a nation that is flexing its muscles and seeking to reclaim its traditional power. On the other end is Britain, a nation that has reclaimed its independence and now faces an uncertain future defining its new relationship with the world. 
Across the ocean, America faces its own crisis. Our technocratic elite has constructed its own self-serving system — one that mirrors the very system that Britain rejected yesterday. Our politics are more uncertain and chaotic than at any time in decades.  
We can’t predict what will happen. But one thing I do know — history never truly had a “side.” Instead, it is the story of action and reaction, and no outcome is inevitable. Britain has acted. The world is set to change, and history can’t tell us what’s next.
Hail Britannia!

Country, Elites, Experts, Brexit

This was the day the British people defied their jailers:

I got to listen to a lot of NPR on the way up to Barron and back on Wednesday. They were confident that Brexit would fail, the EU would be saved, and had already started pointing out (since it was failing) that there was a "linkage" of the kind of Neanderthal Brexit move with it's xenophobia and suspicion of elites and experts, and the knuckle dragging campaign of Trump, he of poor fundraising and certain loss in the fall -- losing just like Brexit, watch the results on Thursday.

Yesterday I hard that the "fix was in" -- the big/smart money had done their own "exit polling" and used high price experts, and the smart / rich / powerful were going to roll in the really big money as Brexit failed "fairly narrowly".

We commoners need to get our minds right -- in 2012, "big money in politics" as was allegedly used  by the Romney campaign was a horrible evil, significantly blamed on the SCOTUS and the awful "Citizens United". The other big topic on Wednesday was what an AWFUL fundraiser Trump was compared to Princess Hildebeast, and how WONDERFUL it was that she has BAGS OF CASH, and Trump is way behind. Big money in politics for YOUR SIDE is indeed a beautiful thing!

This AM on the way to work, NPR was a bit of a funeral dirge. They did point out that one of the reasons that the "experts were wrong" was that they actually go heavily with the bookmaker odds -- which in MONEY were WAY in favor of "stay" ... trouble is, it was relatively few folks betting lots on "stay", but LOTS of folks betting a LITTLE on "leave". So far the left has not totally removed vote counts, so one rich guy voting actually counts less than 10 poor guys voting -- imagine that!

Let's step back a bit. The central idea of the left is that ever more centralized control is guaranteed to make for a "better world", because smarter and smarter experts can be brought to bear on controlling the economy and everything else for optimum results. The very best world would be with a single very very smart individual controlling everything!

Thus, States, cities families, businesses and certainly individuals in the US should have little or no power, and all the power ought to be in DC, and ideally in the hands of only the president -- as long as they are a member in good standing of "The Party" (TP - D).

But even national boundaries are too small for the ultimate optimization -- ONE global power with the appropriate massive bureaucracy of "experts" is CERTAINLY the "only reasonable way to run the world" if you a leftward thinker.

CONTROL, POWER and CENTRALIZATION! These are the "values" of the left elite. The idea that the "masses" are somehow "better off" as long as the elite gets their way is an "article of faith" -- decreed daily by TP and all it's world wide media minions. The masses have no right not to be blissfully happy in their sub-1K sq foot public or semi-public housing, 3 squares a day, with cable, internet and suitable entertainment.

Oddly, the "experts" are OFTEN wrong -- they were wrong about the idea that homes could be purchased by people with no credit history nor ability to pay the mortgage, because "homes would always go up in value". Thus, the  "great recession".

They were wrong that the USSR was a permanent fixture and Regan was a fool to suggest otherwise.

They were wrong that we were entering an ice age in the 1970's and they were wrong that the world was out of oil in the '70s. BO was very wrong when he said that it was impossible to frack our way to less than $2 gas, you could "keep your doctor" or that "al quaeda" (and terrorism) was "on the run".
BO told the UK to stay in the EU, it doesn't appear that everyone listens to "the one" as well as they are supposed to.

In the big picture, the elites assured us that there was no god in heaven and that they and their "education" were god -- "the fittest" survived, they were the "fittest", so we ought to all quit having children which were a "burden" since the planet couldn't support them.

Now, forty years later they inform us that we MUST have open borders because the population is not large enough to support the plans of the elite going forward -- they believe that brown skinned masses will be more compliant, accept even less housing and "stuff" and hopefully do a MUCH better job of shutting the F up so they don't need to listen to the damned "bitter clingers".

Why or why should common people want a "nation" or a "community" or "pride", or most stupidly of all a religion or creed when they can have all the sex they want, free stuff, and total freedom from responsibility? I'm sure that many an hour has been spent in deluxe hotels, private jets, yachts and such over excellent cabernets discussing the total ungratefulness of the unwashed masses for the obviously huge responsibility to make certain that the masses of sheep were tucked safely in their concrete warrens copulating indiscriminately -- full protected and TOTALLY birth controlled of course! Breeding masses of unwashed are a threat to the environment!

So is this the sign that the masses are actually smarter than  the elite imagines, or merely an aberration? We will get an important 2nd look in November!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dilbert, Hypnosis, Trump

How to Un-Hypnotize a Rabid Anti-Trumper | Scott Adams Blog:

If you want to go through the linked column, I think it is worthy relative to understanding persuasion. I very much enjoy that Adams indicates that if a "rabid anti-Trumper" is concerned about "his potential SCOTUS nominees", they have likely given the matter some thought and it is reasonable to just "agree to disagree". It shows he believes that rational people can come to different conclusions that ARE "thought out".

Adams is observing Trump from the POV of a "technical nerd persuasion scientist", here is his disclaimer at the end:
Note: I endorsed Hillary Clinton for my personal safety, because I live in California. But my political views do not align with any of the candidates for president. 
Personally, I would do better under a Clinton presidency. If Clinton gets elected, no one will blame me for anything she does in office. But if Trump wins, my blogging about his persuasion skills will make it look like my fault every time he does something you don’t like. I don’t need that trouble. 
Also, as a top one-percenter, I’m winning under the current system. Trump is the only candidate who has the persuasion skills to increase tax rates on the rich, so #imwithher, for selfish reasons.
He is a top 1%er -- so he can get around the massive taxes that those of us in the 98-80th% percentiles have to pay. I applaud his honesty!

He  uses four specific objections that are "media brainwashing" ( being hypnotized in his lexicon. "heavy persuasion" )
  1. Trump is a loose cannon that will offend other countries and may start nuclear war. 
  2. Trump is terrible at business because he has had several bankruptcies 
  3. Trump is a racist 
  4. Trump is anti-woman  and anti-GBLT 
He goes through what is essentially the "reverse hypnotism" that the media has worked on people to persuade them of these 4 ... factual objections, asking questions, obvious fallacies (Mexico is a country, not a race), obvious truths ( "all humans are biased" ), you WANT a president that discriminates against non-citizens. The job is President of the US, not "World Citizen" like the current putz!

It's worth the read, but not critical -- just be aware (as everyone that reads this blog ought to be) that most of what the media drives into our heads day after day after ... is pure propaganda, sloppy thinking, or downright lies intended to persuade us to support what is best for the 1% -- who of course run the media on BOTH "sides". 

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Progressive -- Sixty Million Dead, Sixty Million Displaced

Refugees, Displaced People Surpass 60 Million For First Time, UNHCR Says : The Two-Way : NPR:

"Progressivism", which I call "Regressiveism" is "working as designed" in the US and world wide.

Progressivism is Statism, meaning the worship (acceptance without question) of ever larger and more intrusive government. Socialism and Communism are it's chief ideologies, but the concept is simple -- centralized ever increasing state control with "the experts" defining what is best for the less capable, less educated, or "unenlightened" masses (proletariat).

On the world stage, it demands "one world order" -- The Eurozone, the United Nations (eventually with added coercive power), or one or a few states that will agree to keep everyone else in submission. "All cultures are equivalent, none are exceptional", which in translation means that there must be "one ring to rule them all" -- when nothing is exceptional or worth seeking, then "good" is defined as "equivalence", and "bad" is defined as "anyone that is not in agreement". Such "equality" requires the destruction of any who would seek "excellence", "advantage", "movement toward a higher state of being".

The outcome of the primaries in the US this year shows how far it has "progressed" here. The Democrat result was predetermined by the "super delegates". The "voting" was a formality.

On the Republican side, the elite of the party still want to ignore the outcome of the votes and execute some sort of a takeover at the convention. The thirst for power is completely bi-partisan -- the elites of both parties agree that the masses are fools that can't be trusted. Their view of "democracy" is everyone in agreement that the elites ought be in charge and run things "properly".

The election of BO proved that the masses ARE fools. How could they be otherwise? The concept of "the good / the excellent / the righteous / the sacred / etc" has been destroyed. The BEGINNING of wisdom is the fear of God -- no God, no meaning, no purpose -- all is vanity and "foolishness".

So 60 million innocents have been sacrificed to "convenience" ("choice")  in the US, and 60 million refugees are now the global wages of the chaos of "no dominant power" on the world stage. Chaos abhors a vacuum -- the perversion of that is "nature" abhors a vacuum, which in a random, godless, purposeless "creation" means that nature and chaos are synonymous.  The symmetry is it's own message.

Chaos also abhors life -- for life is more ordered than death, decay and dissolution. Satan is the lord of chaos, death and dissolution, and as always he arranges for the inversion of truth and thus calls the regression to nothingness "progress".

The wages of our path are preordained,  none should be the least surprised at the spectacle before us.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Due Process And Other Words That Don't Matter

A post-American column worth reading. If Goldberg fully understood the words that even he is saying his cause would be #NeverHillary rather than #NeverTrump. His own column makes the case -- at least Trump would be opposed! 

In a world where there is no truth and no agreed principles, words indeed do not matter -- only POWER matters, which is what BO uses constantly. What he clearly means is that HIS words matter -- more than the Constitution, more than the Bible, and clearly FAR more than those who have been declared "persona non grata" by "The Party" (TP-D).

Let’s start at the top. President Obama once famously said (more than once, actually), “Don’t tell me words don’t matter.” Fast-forward to this week, when in a tantrum of biblical proportions, the furious president said . . . words don’t matter. Responding to complaints from Donald Trump and others that he won’t say the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” Obama huffed, “Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction.”
"Due Process" which means that there must be a known and "fair" process before a citizen can be deprived of their rights under what used to be the American Constitution. Now Senators care nothing for those words that don't matter in the face of raw power.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) thinks the constitutional requirement for due process is “killing us.”

When words don't matter, there is no truth but that which power demands be given service. "Due Process", that which was the basis for any right of free men needs to be done away with. Who is at fault for this latest killing"? According to TPs paper of record, the NY Times, "Christians and Republicans".

“While the precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear,” the New York Times editorialized, “it is evident that Mr. Mateen was driven by hatred toward gays and lesbians.” “Hate crimes don’t happen in a vacuum,” added the Gray Lady (I’m referring to the Times, not Clinton). 
“They occur where bigotry is allowed to fester, where minorities are vilified and where people are scapegoated for political gain. Tragically, this is the state of American politics, driven too often by Republican politicians who see prejudice as something to exploit, not extinguish.”  
The killer was a registered Democrat. The source of his hatred was not the Christian Coalition but radical Islamism. He stated this motivation clearly during the shooting and for months prior. He reportedly also considered attacking that notorious gay hangout Disney World. Would we be hearing about the pernicious, right-wing, anti-cartoon-character climate if he’d opted for that target?
When territory is ruled by a single party, the ONLY thing that matters is THE WORD OF THE PARTY! The fact that the killer was Islamic and trumpted his allegiance to ISIS **DURING** the killing does not fit the TP narrative, so it is discounted -- "Republicans, Christians, guns" ... those are the problem, and if you do not buy that, you need to get your mind right! 

Sex As Religion

It’s Dangerous to Believe -- Religious Freedom & the Sexual Revolution | National Review:

A worthy read on how the modern secular sexual revolution has become a dime-store religion complete with it's dogma, saints, sinners, heresy, etc. It's main credo is:

The first commandment of this new secularist writ is that no sexual act between consenting adults is wrong. Two corollary imperatives are that whatever contributes to consenting sexual acts is an absolute good, and that anything interfering, or threatening to interfere, with consenting sexual acts is ipso facto wrong.
As the title of the authors book indicates "it's dangerous to believe" -- I'm not sure if she reaches the same conclusion as many thinkers have, that you WILL believe in something. Breathing is "dangerous" as well -- if your air supply is cut off, you die. Likewise, if your belief system falls apart, madness, depression, suicide, violence, etc are all real potentials. Atheists are often the angriest people you meet -- attempting to be their own god with faith in either just themselves, or the idea that "science" is not belief and requires no faith -- a fallacy that I've covered in detail in the past

The other problem with humans and belief is that it really would not be "belief" if there wasn't something inside of us screaming that we are right and others are WRONG! Not surprisingly, the reason that Christianity was such an adaptive religion for cultural blessing (for those of you that discount divine blessing) is that it didn't force church and state into one dominant coercive force like Islam's Sharia, or secular humanism's demand that the state be the one true religion. 

Christianity demands that we love our neighbor even as we may justly hate their sin. The church of sex demands that all buy in to the dogma of their worship. 

The bedrock of contemporary progressivism can only be described as quasi-religious. The followers of this faith are, furthermore, Kantians regarding these beliefs, in the sense that the philosopher’s categorical imperative applies: Exactly like followers of other faiths, they believe both that they are right, and that people who disagree are wrong — and that those other people ought to think differently.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hold Them By The Nose, Kick Their Ass

Articles: Bang: Trump's Second Barrel Explodes at Jihad:

Who knows what Trump is up to? I sure don't -- I didn't expect him to win the nomination. I knew he was going to really shake things up, but win? I was nearly as blind as the "experts".

But since he DID win, I'm willing to consider that there may be some real method to his madness that most people have no clue on. He sure has BO pissed off, which is damned good in my book for anyone that cares about America!

It's Patton's "hold 'em by the nose, and kick 'em in the rear." It's Muhammad Ali's "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Trump knows this stuff.
I'm not all that certain it is really that sophisticated. Like the 2 year old being killed by the alligator, the American media and Americans are TOTAL suckers for "if it bleeds it leads". The more sensational, tragic, bloody, stupid, senseless, etc, the BETTER! This fascination is what is really meant by "pornography" -- the guttural, animal level fascination with the completely exposed pain, gore, raw emotion and humiliations of life. It is what man developed "culture" to rise above, and what Satan wants us to remain completely focused on.

In the political circus, the MSM plays the role of Trump from the left -- they demean, humiliate, RIDICULE --- as Saul Alinsky, self-described friend of Satan said, nobody can survive ridicule in public.

But so far, Trump can! He can smirk and fire back at the attackers and survive! He certainly doesn't do it with "teflon" like Reagan used to, but rather with NY "moxie" and a swagger that makes the left cringe so hard they can't speak clearly in response.

Does he have some grand Pattonesque strategy? Who the hell knows -- but I'm interested in trying to understand what is happening rather than just listening to the standard experts who were completely wrong on him so far!

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BO Goes Trump Hatred Spew

Obama goes on tirade against Donald Trump over 'dangerous' Muslim ban, 'radical Islam' -

BO can't find a discouraging word to be said over Islamic terrorists -- in fact, he doesn't really even acknowledge that they exist. He certainly does have a level of dislike for gun owners and believes that any nutcase that shoots some people reflects on anyone that owns a gun. Generalizing specific incidents to all gun owners is the order of the day when a shooting happens. Only someone "foolish, bigoted, mean-spirited, etc" would apply the same logic to Muslims! Such are the thoughts of Chairman BO!

While Trump is in his sights this time, this is not a new phenomenon. Way back to the first hints of opposition to his Royal Stenchfullness from the Tea Party, the venom was palpable. Republicans, Christians, Conservatives -- or anyone who dares question the "holy word" of BO is attacked with emotional fury as an "enemy of the stench" (BOist for "state" in BOistan).

In this case I agree 100% with Trump's response:

""The level of anger, that's the kind of anger that he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn't be here," Trump added, blasting Obama as a "lousy president" who had done a "terrible job.""
Why is it again that we are supposed to see any Trump tirade as "un-presidential"? BO has lowered the bar on the office to somewhere below used car salesman and street walker!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mike Rowe, Scotch, Fire, Ron Swanson

That Time Mike Rowe Drank Scotch With Ron Swanson:

Out nation could use a lot more "folk heroes" -- Will Rodgers, Audie Murphy, Paul Harvey ... even Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Rosie the Riveter, etc. People who are real or legendary that provide examples of what it means to be an American.

Mike Rowe seems to be well along on the path of being about the best we have today.

The linked article is worth a read -- turns out there is a video of "Ron Swanson" sitting in front of a fire and drinking Scotch for an hour -- just that. I especially liked this quote -- but it is pretty short and worth the read.

“The first thing that an honest politician would say is, ‘Look, I have no idea what’s best for you and your kids, but if we’re guilty of elevating one form of enlightenment at the expense of all the others, we’re gonna create a list of problems’…that’s what we’re experiencing now. It’s amazing to me the implicit value judgments that go into all the platitudes.”

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Prager, What If Orlando Killer Was Christian?

What If the Orlando Murderer Were a Christian? - Dennis Prager:

Just go read it all, it is well worth it. I found the thought of US Embassies draped in the gay flag after this shooting amazing. The Roseburg Oregon shooter in fact DID target Christians specifically, but there certainly was no outpouring of sympathy by BO or anyone else as a result. Can you even imagine a US embassy draped with the Cross?

We know the truth of this -- the question is wether we remember it and larger numbers of us start trying to DO something about it!
Thus, if the Orlando nightclub shooter were a Christian, that is almost all we would hear about. After all, the left has labeled mass murderers who have no affiliation with Christianity as Christian -- Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, is one example.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

$12 trillion of QE, Lowest Interest In 5,000 Years

$12 trillion of QE and the lowest rates in 5,000 years ... for this?:

It's not a very long article. I've written on the subject before -- these times are historically NUTS! Massive inflationary monetary policy, but other than the stock market, where is the BOOM!?  There ought to be a boom!

 I really don't think anyone has a clue as to WHEN the "crash" is going to happen. Everyone that pays minimal attention realizes that these sorts of financial unnatural acts are not "sustainable". "The event" might be deflation, who knows? To some degree, we have had more inflation than we realized, and growth is probably WORSE than even the numbers we see.

Most likely we would have been far better off had we allowed a lot of the speculative and uninsured financial system to fail in early 2009. We find ourselves somehow staggering on when we ought have allowed the "creative destruction" of the market do some destruction so we would be CREATING something other than tepid 2%ish growth.

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Cassandra, Gayle Sayers

Donald Trump’s appeal explained in 1 very simple chart - The Washington Post:

Cassandra is the prophetess in Greek mythology that nobody ever believed. Gayle Sayers was a Chicago Bears running back that had the same knee injury I did and wrote a book "I Am Third" that was made into a movie, "Brian's Song".

The linked article "explains Trump" as an answer to "the loss of faith in US institutions", the Church, the Media and Congress being among the biggest losers. They don't point out that this "explanation" applied every bit as much to BO -- "Hope and Change" is even MORE vacuous than "Make America Great Again". BO promised to be "the one" -- to stop the rise of oceans, provide material security to all and most of all "heal the divisions'. Never mind, WaPo BELIEVED in BO, so voting for him seemed sensible.

Unsurprisingly, the media has become "Cassandra" (as have really all institutions)  -- less and less people actually believe what they say. Sure, a lot will still parrot it, but when pressed, they "heard it on the news / internet".  While the article considers Trump supporters foolish for listening to him, they loved BO supporters and were BO supporters themselves, and that didn't and still doesn't help their credibility any.

"I am third" meant, "God is first, my friends are second, and I am third".  The human tendency is to "look out for #1", being yourself as FIRST ... and usually by a WIDE margin. Putting God first gave people a lot of perspective -- it instituted the idea in the mind of "order" and of "categories". Attempting to put God first allowed perspective, and some thought to what the order ought to be. Friends? Family? other Christians?, Country? Fellow Man? ... the concept of it not being "every man for himself" was the space that allowed relationships, families, communities and countries to flourish.

The bottom line is that selfishness is a LARGE ingredient of human nature. The "value" of trading total selfishness on this earth for the promise of eternal life was a powerful idea, but when the American educational system, media and entertainment "killed god", they created MILLIONS of new "gods" -- with every man believing himself to be his own "god".

Without any ordering to the universe beyond "it is what I say it is and my "truth" is as good as anyone else's", people lose confidence in EVERYTHING -- because it is supposed to "all be about THEM", and of course no "institution" can be adequately about them to the degree that they believe it ought be. Oh, and by the way, it is THEIR OPINION that counts!

So as the Bible says, "the first shall be last" -- those who chose to usurp god put themselves in "last place" because there are now hundreds of millions of people who each believe they are in "first place" ahead of them.

Faith in leadership or organizations requires some sort of "order". When that is not divine,  the only way to implement it is force and fear.

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New Job, Blog Leaving Facebook

I've started a new job and have decided that at some point in the next week or so I will stop cross-posting the blog to Facebook. If you want to keep following the blog, go to an entry and click on the "email new posts" on the left. It will have you do a "captcha" and then you will get a message in email to click the link and you will be set. The blog is at now, so easier URL to use "whatever" to get at it.

I may or may not talk about the specifics of my new job at some point. It is supporting and providing assistance to people with mental illness and or substance abuse issues 20hrs a week. We live in an increasingly broken nation, I'd love to see us fix that, but in the meantime, I hope I can help a few of the "walking wounded" casualties of the loss of religion, family, community, morality, personal responsibility, etc, as well as those like me that happen to have a mental health challenge.

I've not been secretive on the blog about my own "long term recovery" from issues with depression and anxiety, but OTOH, I don't dwell on it -- it's part of the hand dealt to me, I try to play that hand as well as I can, and I hope that some of my experience can help others.

The Blog is a bit better organized than it used to be. If you go look at the AAAA entries, they are mostly entries that have had high readership, along with a few that I feel are especially good (there are AAA, etc also if you want to "dig deeper" in that manner). The labels are in general more up to date than they used to be -- if you want to go follow some thoughts on "religion", "philosophy" or "American Decline", I think over 50% of the 3,700+ blog entries are labeled at this point. "Life" is the label for "stuff that happens to me".

I'd expect that blog frequency will not change much, it will remain "choppy".

Yes, the reason for stopping the cross-posting is the potential that "someone would be offended" relative to the new job. We live in a time where Christian, conservative, Constitutional, etc views are offensive to many. While I believe in people in the United States being able to have any view they want short of "pledging allegiance to ISIS" as in the case of the shooter this week, our current nation seems OK with ISIS supporters, but often offended with those who support Christ or the Constitution.

Thanks for your attention, and I hope you make the move off the FB stream.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tribal Violence, Gays and Islam

50 killed in Florida nightclub, shooter pledged ISIS allegiance -

I'm sure we will spend a lot of time on "what gun did he use?" since the killer was a person of color and indicated support for Islam and apparently BO. Muslims, blacks and gays are all part of "The Party" tent, so the only"foul" here is the weapon itself. Two of "their Tribes" had a disagreement.

In  Iran, Saudi Arabia and any country close to Islamic rule, homosexuality is a death penalty crime -- we are told not to talk or think about that. Islam is the "religion of peace", and their culture is to be respected. Christians on the other hand love gays, addicts, and even pedophiles (all have some level of genetic component), but hate their self and societally destructive behaviors. For the position on gays, Christians are often loathed by the left -- pedophiles are still not considered "natural and normal", but there are some movements in that direction on the left -- only being an addict is seen as a condition with a genetic basis to be treated / cured as opposed to embraced by both left and right.

In a nation that has killed 60 million babies in their mothers womb, life is clearly worth less than inconvenience -- even 9 months of inconvenience. If a person is part of a "good religion of peace" (not a BAD religion like Christianity), and that "good religion" teaches that homosexuals ought to to receive the death penalty, is it THAT hard to understand how such a person would see killing a number of them as a way to handle that? Perhaps a gay had inconvenienced them?

No doubt there will be lots of posturing and finger pointing -- "hate", "gun control", etc. No doubt Islam will be completely NOT an issue for the MSM and sitting politicians. Can you even IMAGINE if the shooter had been a Trump rather than a BO supporter?

We are a nation with no respect for life, so no respect for much of anything else. We elected BO, certainly the majority has no sense of what "America" even was. The best we have is a vacuous promise from Trump to "Make America great again!" -- whatever he means by that. Hildebeast is pledged to keep destroying it, and given that the country is largely controlled by TPs bureaucracy, I'm pretty sure that she can drive us deeper into oblivion than even BO.

Can Trump do anything positive? I have no idea -- but a nation that can't figure out what bathroom to use isn't likely to have any clues on preventing mass killings by Islamic terrorists!

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Conservatism As Mental Disorder

Epic Correction of the Decade | Power Line:

The left quite often points out the "settled science" of conservatism, Christianity, etc being some sort of "mental disorder" -- "those people" are prone to delusions, lower in intelligence, rigid, unable to process "facts", unable to deal with differing options, anti-social, have unattractive personalities, are prone to believe things that agree with their world view, etc, etc.

Since "The Party" (TP)  is dominant, outlets like the NY Times pick these "studies" up with gusto as justifying all the view they hold about conservatives and Christians with "science" ... only the study they thought was important turned out to point the finger at THEM -- so never mind.

Part of the "Christian delusion" is that ALL have sinned and fallen FAR short -- whatever we find to be objectionable in others is alive and well in our own souls. The splinter in the eye of "the other" is FAR more evident to us than the log in our own.

Don't worry, the left will not be changing it's mind -- since they KNOW that they are factually correct in their views and others are WRONG in theirs, it is only a small matter of "finding the evidence". They will keep looking -- this once great "research" is now "flawed and forgotten", but rest assured, they WILL "prove their point" -- all they lack is sufficient power.

Once TP achieves sufficient power, disagreeing with them IS a "mental illness" -- in the USSR in the past and in China today, it is complete gospel.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

La Raza Vs The Boy Scouts

Judges Can Belong To La Raza But Not The Boy Scouts | The Daily Caller:

It is extremely easy to see how at least millions of Americans will pull the lever for Trump on no other basis than they are completely fed up with the lying manipulation of our "elites".

The article points out that the judge Trump has criticized is a member of La Raza -- a pro-illegal immigration and anti-white / America group. But even supposedly "conservative" Republicans don't take the time to point that out.

OTOH, when the Scouts prohibited gay leaders, judges could not associate with them in California.

We have no laws, no borders and no country -- it is increasingly hard to even read the news, let alone care about it.

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BO "Worried" About GOP

President Obama Endorses Donald Trump Fallon:

"Obama said he's "worried" about the Republican party, saying "I am actually not enjoying, and I haven’t been enjoying over the last seven years, watching some of the things that have happened in the Republican Party."
Sure he is, that is why he just endorsed a known felon supposedly under criminal investigation by his own FBI. So much for fictions like having the head of the executive branch not show partiality to people under criminal investigation. Can't we just all completely cut the crap and admit that if you are a member of "The Party", TP-D in good standing, the only "law" you need consider is the law of TP! (meaning "all glory honor and power be to TP now and forever")

What does an "endorsement" from he of "red lines" not worthy of children's chalk, "if you like it you can keep it", or "I ended AND didn't end the war in Iraq".

I guess that it is only fitting that one incompetent congenital liar endorse another.


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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Progressive Taxation and Equal Protection

Articles: Is a Progressive Tax Constitutional?:

Generally an excellent article, the answer of course is "no", but our Constitution is well shredded, so nobody cares that this is the case. My disagreement with the article is they get sucked a bit into the general concept of "equal protection" and "equal protection relative to LAW". On that not very subtle shoal, America was destroyed.

When we had a Constitution, it enforced equal protection BEFORE THE LAW. The Constitution was the supreme law of the land (when we had laws) -- it was color blind, wage blind, etc. relative to LAW.

So yes, the Constitution properly applied prevented "castes" or "classes" RELATIVE TO THE LAW, but we need to be clear it said NOTHING about "equality of RESULT" either inside or outside of the law. Individuals or groups of citizens that made unsuccessful choices relative to property, careers, gambling, substance abuse, etc could have VASTLY different outcomes relative to material success, length of life, values of their homes, etc. Some racial or ethnic group could represent say "20%" of the population, yet be convicted of 60% of murders, yet under the old system, that result was not indicative of anything other than that group committing far more murders.
Justice John Harlan, the lone dissenter in the infamous Plessy v. Ferguson ruling, understood that "[t]here is no caste here. Our constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law. The humblest is the peer of the most powerful." And by equal extension, the most powerful ought to be the peer of the humblest, and receive the same protection. Harlan might as easily have said that our Constitution is wage-blind.

To deny one class equal protection of their property because of their success is logically no different from denying a different class an equal protection of liberty because of their color.
As I've said before, we DID at least have a Constitutional Amendment (the 16th) to allow an income tax, but it didn't allow a "progressive" income tax. In theory, all groups are to have "Equal Protection" under the law according the the 14th amendment (states) and since Bolling v. Sharpe (1954), those equal protection requirements apply to the federal government through the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment as well.

This has been carried even farther through the idea of the "privacy clause", which is imaginary, to cover abortion, gay rights, transgender, etc.

At one point, people LIKED the idea that blacks could be treated differently under the Constitution. Now they like the idea that people can be treated differently based on income. 

When you live in a lawless place, why not take money from one set of people just because you want to? How you "justify" it is immaterial -- race, gender, religion, philosophical beliefs, income, line of work -- what does it really matter? What is desired is some fig leaf of justification to treat some group of people differently to the advantage of some other group. 

"Progressive" taxation is a wonderful method for "The Party" to steal money from those that don't vote for them and buy the votes of others by using that money. What could be more reasonable?

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Xiuhtezcatl vs $146 Trillion

Meet the teens leading an unprecedented lawsuit against the U.S. government.:

Imagine naming your child "Xiuhtezcatl... pronounced "shu-TEZ-cuht".

We live in a world without any semblance of reason, so this "cuht" has spoken  before the United Nations . In Biblical times, David killed Goliath and cut off his head when he was probably younger than "Xiuhtezcat", and Goliath was 9' 9" tall! Today you get a lot of coverage for suing the US government -- or rather the broken and bankrupt facsimile remaining.

So the US combined unfunded liabilities and debt are $146 TRILLION according to the Star Tribune ... but both "Xiuhtezcat" and BO agree that the issue of our time is "Climate Change".

I guess that makes sense in some universe. During the next ice age, perhaps the "intelligent" can reflect on wisdom and priority.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A Bit More Ed Force One

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson gives tour of band's plane 'Ed Force One' | Daily Mail Online:

Believe it or not, there was a time I actually ran quite a bit -- up and down the hills to the east of Chatfield, probably 1990ish. This was one of the songs that I enjoyed having on my running track ...

The article is just more of the plane and the lead singer Dickinson piloting it on their tour.

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Monday, June 06, 2016

Most Important Election, Voting 3rd Party Is Voting For Hillary, and other Myths

Wilson County News - Commentaries - Sorry Friends, If You Are #NeverTrump Then You Are #4Hillary:

Nothing special about the linked column, "Not voting for Trump is voting for Hillary, the future of America hangs on this election".

America was founded on the idea that there would be an "elite" of "like minded individuals" like the founding fathers that were educated, accomplished, men of reason, dedicated to their nation above their own self interest, that would provide PRINCIPLED leadership to the nation. The "principles" were "self evident truths" of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc -- I've written elsewhere that the principles were not "perfect", but they existed and were respected in their time and for a good period of time after.

Perhaps Lincoln is the last president that pretty much everyone can agree on carrying "the burden of office", not because of his own personal drive for fame, fortune, and immortality, but because it was a tough and critical job and he believed it was his destiny to serve. I'm actually not a big Lincoln fan at all -- I think Reagan was "good enough", or even HW and W Bush -- they were "honorable men" that SERVED even though they new they would be maligned and challenged. Perhaps LBJ was the last honorable Democrat -- I pretty much disagreed with 100% of his policies, but I think he saw the presidency as a critical burden rather than a "prize".

More important than "principled servant leadership" was the Constitution. Prior to Roe V Wade, you could argue that we nominally had a Constitution, after Obergefell (gay "marriage"), it's gone.

So the basic idea of a decent character and even slight competence has been removed post-BO, and there isn't any law to restrain the president. The idea of "saving America" made some sense in '08, and even maybe a TINY bit in 2012 if you were REALLY optimistic. Sorry, that casket is already buried.

Not electing BO mattered, but we failed that. I'd argue that Trump is marginally better than Hildebeast, but really, it is a bit like if Cleveland loses in 4 or 5 games in the NBA Finals at this point!

Sure a vote for some "third party" is effectively a vote for Hildebeast -- but the people that vote for 3rd parties aren't the logical type anyway! You may as well try to use "reason" to convince Charlie Manson that he isn't Jesus than try to convince a third party person that they are voting for Hildebeast. Voting is a simple preference selection method -- there is no "message", or "statement".

The odds your vote will be the deciding vote are roughly 1 in 60 million  ... or about 3x greater than your odds of winning the Powerball. CERTAINLY, anyone that says "my vote doesn't matter" ought NEVER play Powerball -- see "humans are not rational".

We have no principles as a people or we would not have elected BO twice. There are no "important elections" left in this sorry place -- hope for a civil war, complete economic collapse, or some sort of big natural disaster. MAYBE those are things that might cause a return to something like America -- but for a good long time it looks like BOistan and likely worse from here on out.

Get used to it.

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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Losing Two Thirds Is "Success" On Light Rail

Joe Soucheray: In their universe, a costly train is success – Twin Cities:

The left LOVES trains! I think it is a control thing -- the train runs on it's schedule and you figure out how to work your schedule so you can meet it. The left loves that -- people need to be compliant. Trains employ a bunch of people that vote Democrat, and they lose a bunch of money, increasing the percentage to the economy under government control -- WIN, WIN!

Cars are bad. Some rich guy can decide to drive a Yugo and you can't soak him like you want for transportation. WORSE, he can drive ON HIS OWN SCHEDULE! That gives the "illusion of self determination". Naturally, the left will point out that the roads are PUBLIC -- but paid by massive gas taxes which are really "user fees". The PROBLEM is that those fees are NOT based on income! The rich guy in the Yugo might pay LESS than the Hispanic in the low rider ghetto cruiser in actual dollars, and of  course MUCH less in terms of percentage of income! Rich people ought not have that kind of freedom!

So light, heavy, fast, slow, dangerous, expensive, etc, the left LOVES trains! Having the train is SUCCESS! Why? Because it is a giant trophy that shows that they can get what they want even though it hurts everyone, including the constituency that they claim to be serving! (a better bus system would serve more people that need it FAR better for a FRACTION of the cost).

BUT, it makes them feel good and superior -- and in the final analysis, that is what "liberalism" is all about; feeling smart, good, in with the in crowd and SUPERIOR!

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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Not On Our Side, Tribal Intelligence

The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb. — Medium:

A useful short read, but I suspect most of the group that reads my blog will feel a bit like me. When you are on the "minority team", you HAVE to hear "the other side" -- pretty constantly. Now I go out of my way to NPR, Slate, etc, so get a MEGAdose of what the "other side" has to say, but we are all soaking in the dominant culture.

"When someone communicates that they are not “on our side” our first reaction is to run away or dismiss them as stupid. To be sure, there are hateful, racist, people not worthy of the small amount of electricity it takes just one of your synapses to fire. I’m instead referencing those who actually believe in an opposing viewpoint of a complicated issue, and do so for genuine, considered reasons. Or at least, for reasons just as good as yours. "
The other missing item in the article is that at one time we as a culture DID believe that "Western civilization" -- which included Christianity was "better", and there was a good deal of evidence. Europe once "ruled the world", capitalism advanced the condition of people around the planet, rule of law and just basic civic decency was common, people believed that hard work and personal responsibility were virtuous, the family is the cornerstone of  society, children were a blessing and the promise of the future, etc.

The "big divide" is now between pretty much everyone except a few "radicals" agreeing with the previous paragraph, and today's world where "the winning side" believes that god is dead, all values are relative, man is an animal, the environment (and animals like gorillas or even snail darters) are more important that human life, Western culture is decadent / corrupt / evil, Islam is the "Religion of Peace" and Christianity died with god and survival in a godless world goes to those who can prevent the births of their succeeding generation.

The "old values" people are largely the ones dismissed as "backward, stupid, reactionary, bigoted, etc". Sure, with the advent of Trump, the "todays world" people are taking some "abuse", but that is a pretty new phenomenon.

Never the less, being able to at least MAKE the points that the other side makes is worthy. I believe that we will actually have to AGREE on some set of transcendent values though before we return to actually "making progress" and truly "getting alone". The article not so subtly makes the point that there is "no real truth", it is is all relative.

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Friday, June 03, 2016

Gorillas and Guerillas In Gaza

Israel putting gorillas in Gaza so world cares about rocket attack deaths.

Sadly the 18-22 bracket in the US tends to not mature until much later these days.

If one of our rockets were to kill a gorilla, we would completely alienate our core support base of 18 to 22-year-old left-wing American Facebook commenters,” one senior Hamas official told The Mideast Beast off record. “That’s not a risk we can take lightly.”

Hillary Bubble Boy

The thesis is that the media have propped up the poor Hildebast for years, but head to head with Trump they can't help her. She would need to stand on her own tentacles.
As a candidate, Clinton is like the Bubble Boy: She's been placed inside the warm cocoon of an all-embracing leftist establishment, never exposed to the normal viruses of everyday politics. The minute she exits that protective bubble, she's hit with those viruses -- and she has no immune system to help her fight them.
 It's short and worth the read.

The media subsidized Clinton into a position of power. She's now so vulnerable that a 74-year-old charisma-free socialist nearly took her down. Now she's got a worse virus: a case of the Trumps. Her immune system has been so compromised that she may be politically terminal.

Books, Tolstoy, "The Cossacks"

It's just a paragraph -- but there is reason that Tolstoy is one of the greatest.
'Three months have passed since I first saw the Cossack girl, Maryanka. The views and prejudices of the world I had left were still fresh in me. I did not then believe that I could love that woman. I delighted in her beauty just as I delighted in the beauty of the mountains and the sky, nor could I help delighting in her, for she is as beautiful as they. I found that the sight of her beauty had become a necessity of my life and I began asking myself whether I did not love her. But I could find nothing within myself at all like love as I had imagined it to be. Mine was not the restlessness of loneliness and desire for marriage, nor was it platonic, still less a carnal love such as I have experienced. I needed only to see her, to hear her, to know that she was near--and if I was not happy, I was at peace.
 I think that rings true for at least any male that has ever been in love. No idea how it works for a woman  -- is there a female writer with the kind of insight of Tolstoy? Could I understand it if there was?

The character "writing the letter" is a wealthy Russian noble, somewhat "looking for his head" in the military -- it seems that his heart found him first.

BO Teleprompter Malfunction, Goes "Okey Doke"

I'm having real trouble embedding this one -- I'm guessing it might not be around long. 

Looks like BO attempted to go "off teleprompter" again and massive stuttering and incoherence resulted. If this was W, it would be the lead news and entertainment story for a week and "Going Okey Doke" would be like "misunderestimated"!

Perhaps BO and the "Choom Gang" had a reunion and the weed was partaken -- he almost looks off into the ether there with a "Where am I now Whitey?" kind of look. "But your foot on the lady's thumb Beeve"!

Hillary Endorses Trump, Melts

Hillary Clinton's evisceration of Donald Trump -

The iron clad rule of the viruses that identify as "Clintons" is that if their lips are a flappin, you can be certain the lies are a spewin ... wholesale!

When Slick wags his finger and says looking right at the camera that he "Did not have sex with that woman ...", Well, he did! (surprise, surprise)  If he ever tells the truth it is an accident.

Likewise, when Hildebeast screeches on some topic, like "Benghazi was caused by in incendiary internet movie!", you can rest assured, it wasn't, it was terrorism just like everyone knew it was.

We can rely pretty much on the opposite of what the hag says -- no secrets on that server? Well, of course there are -- "mislabeled". Indeed.

So, in my book she just declared Trump to be a great guy with fantastic temperament to be president. Now could she just melt?

We REALLY need a Hildebeast filter that makes sure that we don't have to listen to that harpy screech or the demonic cackle! When I hear her, this is what I see in my mind.

I'm thinking that Trump looks a bit like the Wizard -- a lot of smoke and bluster, but maybe in the end he can find some answers for our sad sorry Lion of a military, Straw-man of an economy and Tin Woodsman of a culture which the ravages of BO have left us with.

Indeed, if we all realized that "We had the power to go back to Kansas all along!" (that making the nation great again isn't about "Witches and Wizards", but rather about us getting back to the real world, putting on our work boots rather than our "Ruby Red Slippers" and GETTING BUSY!

Is this her theme theme music?

I'm guessing that even her Secret Service protection would be glad to see this scene -- it must be hard for them to insure that she never gets wet!

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What If BO Supporters Were Violently Attacked?

Ugly, bloody scenes in San Jose as protesters attack Trump supporters outside rally - The Washington Post:

Actually, we know the answer to the title question  already -- in 2010-2011, Tea Party rallies were watched hyper close by the media for ANY signs of "racism" or "hate speech".  The MSM took any claim of a racist word uttered, somebody maybe spitting on someone, or anything APPROACHING "violence" and lectured on the "racists" that opposed BO. Going back now and reading this article about "The Angriest Most Hateful People On Earth" referring to the Tea Party, and then looking at the blood from the anti-Trump protestors puts things in perspective.

I was a Cruz guy, but I'm getting A LOT more excited to show up at a Trump rally!

Nobody could utter a word as BO destroyed the nation without being labeled "racist"! From the viewpoint of the MSM, how COULD there be criticism of the great and powerful BO.

The ranks of Trump supporters need to get bigger, tougher and ready to punch back twice as hard!

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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Elon Musk, "Simulated"

Elon Musk: There's a 'one in billions' chance our reality is not a simulation:

I apologize to those that saw my "fake post" -- it was supposed to be a "draft", but I hit "publish".
The simulation hypothesis, first proposed in 2003 by philosopher Nick Bostrom, posits that if many sufficiently advanced civilizations exist, and if they're likely to create simulations of the universe (or a slice of it), then we are almost certainly living in a simulation.

If you trust Musk, the chances of us not being in a simulation are insignificantly small. "There's a one in billions chance that this is base reality," Musk said. He bases this argument on the fact that humanity has experienced amazing technological advancement in the last few decades.
My thought since college has been that we are "running on God".  What we see as "quantum effects" are side effects of us not actually being "physical", but rather spiritual.  "The Apple in the Garden" converted a perfect spiritual existence into an imperfect "physical" one, where things seem material and evil, death, and Hillary exist.

Elon Musk is FAR smarter than I, but let's just consider his hypothesis here.

The odds of a universe like ours existing are now often calculated as that our universe is one out of 10 to the 400th universes. The number of atoms in the universe is less than 10 to the 100th ... like 10 to the 80th (my internet at the lake is sketchy right now).

So does it strike anyone else that "living in a simulation that was done by a more advanced civilization" is just a "modern" way of trying to avoid God? I mean, if you create a simulation, you COULD have "simulated spiritual experiences", an afterlife and even bliss and punishment in an afterlife.

Perhaps we live in the simulated universe that humans who advanced beyond the "Singularity" and became "machines / genetically engineered / cyborg super-beings" decided to create our simulation because they were bored? I'm reminded of the words from "Sapiens" relative to beings such as ourselves becoming "omnipotent" (all powerful) without being "all knowing" or perfectly moral.
Is there anything more dangerous than irresponsible and dissatisfied gods who don't know what they want?
Is not the current election season in the US enough for people to realize that great power and wealth are no guarantee at all of great morality, responsibility or even grade school level truth and character?

Elon Musk is an engineer / entrepreneur / inventor -- his simulation hypothesis is a classic from that sort of brain. Programmers often say that "any problem can be "solved" by adding a level of indirection". It is wiser to say that many problems can seem simpler by adding a level of indirection or abstraction. 

"We are simulated" solves precisely nothing. By whom for what purpose? is still operative, and if this is all merely a simulation by beings no more morally perfect or philosophically wise than ourselves, it is FAR from a comforting conjecture!

I fully understand that may moderns find the idea of a morally perfect God who would be willing to die a horrible death for THEIR miserable life to be about as terrifying as they can imagine. I maintain they have REALLY not thought their situation through! 

As with a lot of things, consider that such advanced super-beings might have "children". There is a rather fun old Star Trek called "The Squire of Gothos" that is a worthy watch if you want to consider the Musk conjecture -- perhaps one of the "super children" kicked off the equivalent of his "Fisher Price" computing toy on "random universe creation" at 10 to the billionth and somewhere along the line, we popped up! He is looking at it right now and deciding the best way to "intervene". 

Or maybe he already did -- and it is BO followed by Trump vs Hildebeast! 

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Universal Bathrooms and Lockers, "Transforming Society"

It's a significantly long read, but you really aren't going to "get it" unless you read it yourself. The "bottom line" is that "Cisgender" isn't enough -- gender must be destroyed, all veils must be torn and we must ALL see life "up close and gritty" like it "really is". There is no sacred -- we must worship the profane and wallow as undifferentiated beasts.

Like many things, this was all predicted in "Ideas Have Consequences" -- and the Bible for that matter. The following is quoted from Burke in "Ideas" referring to the French Revolution, but it may as well be today.
"All the decent drapery of life is to be rudely torn off. All the superadded ideas, furnished from the wardrobe of a moral imagination, which the heart owns, and the understanding ratifies, as necessary to cover the defects of our naked shivering nature, and to raise it up to dignity in our own estimation, are to be exploded as a ridiculous, absurd, and and antiquated fashion." 
Early on the article tells you that gender distinctions are an "illusion".
Functionalism, then, lends credence to the illusion of innate binary gender distinctions.
And that this "illusion" has caused a lot of "inequality" to flourish.
Men’s and women’s restrooms we largely take for granted today are the direct result of a long history involving the continual reproduction of outmoded concepts of gender difference, which have allowed countless forms of gender inequity to flourish unimpeded.
However, somehow, when it comes to working power lines, the "illusion" collapses, and women actually DO have some difference in the facilities they need -- and naturally OUGHT TO HAVE. When it suits them of course. Consistency is NOT an issue! It is BOTH an "illusion" and a real issue that affects women differently than men -- somehow, no longer an "outmoded concept".

...while working on power lines, linemen are typically far away from any public restrooms, but male electrical workers typically have no problem relieving themselves outside, something DeClue was far more hesitant to do.
We then continue with the problem with "cisgender women" (actual women) -- apparently the "outmoded concepts and illusions" have want the "uninformed" might take to be "real differences", like pregnancy, menstruation or taking longer in the bathroom -- strange that these "outmoded concepts and illusions" would have such seeming actual effects!
Combined with the fact that cisgender women take longer to do their business (some studies say up to two times as long as cis men do), pregnant people need to urinate more frequently, and menstruating people need to use the restroom for an entirely different reason, Banzhaf argues that equity can only be achieved if women are given access to more facilities than men are. Separate, in this case, is not equal.
But then we fall back again to "cultural imagination" and "compulsive heterosexuality" -- pure "states of mind" with no connection to some sort of physical differences.
Public restrooms — and, perhaps even more strongly so, locker rooms — have always operated in the cultural imagination as sites of strict gender roles and compulsive heterosexuality.
The following paragraph is mostly for entertainment. Apparently, Hollywood has been complicit in creating the "cultural imagination" of women being somehow vulnerable when they are in a state of undress -- such a "Victorian" idea!
In the shift from drama and comedy to horror, the bathroom becomes ground zero for violence against women. In Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho,the most famous bathroom scene in cinematic history involves a woman in the shower getting stabbed to death by Norman Bates, a notoriously genderqueer bad guy. In what’s arguably the other most famous bathroom scene of all time, The Shining’s Jack corners Wendy in the bathroom and proceeds to hack his way in. David Cronenberg’s Shivers, from 1975, features an absolutely repulsive sceneinvolving a parasite that crawls up the bathroom drain and between a woman’s legs. And speaking of ’80s teen movies again, Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street gets an unwelcome visit from Freddy Krueger while she’s in the bath. If they want to avoid spiders and grudge monsters, women in horror films would do best to avoid the bathroom altogether. These scenes manage to sexualize the vulnerable and violated female body, while also suggesting that the Victorian paternalism of yore might still apply according to the fantastical versions of our modern conceptions: Women still need protecting.
Now we are getting to the "bottom line". Unisex individual bathroom or locker spaces are not going to cut it, because we NEED "people to mix" -- and heaven knows we MUST really "transform society".
If we’re really going to transform society,” he said, “we need to create public spaces that encourage people to mix.”
So finally we come to this -- we need to all be showering and shitting and peeing right in front of each other like hogs in a pen to really get to experience "people as they really are"! No illusions -- everyone just operating as common animals, because -- well, because that is how the left wants it to be, and they will stop at nothing until humanity is reduced to the grossest of all animals.

“In the days before coed dorms, the only time men and women would see each other would be outside for class or a date, when they’d be well-dressed, and women would have their makeup on,” he said. It was, he added, “an artificial impression of the other. But once you have coed restrooms, when everyone has towels wrapped around themselves, their hair looks like hell — I think they begin to see each other more as real people instead of constructs. People as they really are, rather than how we’d like others to see us.”

You might read this and think that "These people are nuts, this will NEVER happen". Think again -- gay "marriage" is legal, BO is forcing states to allow bathrooms and locker rooms to be mixed already,  but don't think for a second that it will end there, and "there aren't many weird trans people anyway".

This has NOTHING to do with "transgender", this is about the TRANSFORMATION OF SOCIETY to the equivalent of military bathrooms and lockers for "people" -- with no "illusions" about there being such a thing as "gender difference".

Society must be completely destroyed and humans reduced to worse than animals -- and even then, the Satanic Left will find a path to yet further perversion.