Saturday, June 25, 2016

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This was the day the British people defied their jailers:

I got to listen to a lot of NPR on the way up to Barron and back on Wednesday. They were confident that Brexit would fail, the EU would be saved, and had already started pointing out (since it was failing) that there was a "linkage" of the kind of Neanderthal Brexit move with it's xenophobia and suspicion of elites and experts, and the knuckle dragging campaign of Trump, he of poor fundraising and certain loss in the fall -- losing just like Brexit, watch the results on Thursday.

Yesterday I hard that the "fix was in" -- the big/smart money had done their own "exit polling" and used high price experts, and the smart / rich / powerful were going to roll in the really big money as Brexit failed "fairly narrowly".

We commoners need to get our minds right -- in 2012, "big money in politics" as was allegedly used  by the Romney campaign was a horrible evil, significantly blamed on the SCOTUS and the awful "Citizens United". The other big topic on Wednesday was what an AWFUL fundraiser Trump was compared to Princess Hildebeast, and how WONDERFUL it was that she has BAGS OF CASH, and Trump is way behind. Big money in politics for YOUR SIDE is indeed a beautiful thing!

This AM on the way to work, NPR was a bit of a funeral dirge. They did point out that one of the reasons that the "experts were wrong" was that they actually go heavily with the bookmaker odds -- which in MONEY were WAY in favor of "stay" ... trouble is, it was relatively few folks betting lots on "stay", but LOTS of folks betting a LITTLE on "leave". So far the left has not totally removed vote counts, so one rich guy voting actually counts less than 10 poor guys voting -- imagine that!

Let's step back a bit. The central idea of the left is that ever more centralized control is guaranteed to make for a "better world", because smarter and smarter experts can be brought to bear on controlling the economy and everything else for optimum results. The very best world would be with a single very very smart individual controlling everything!

Thus, States, cities families, businesses and certainly individuals in the US should have little or no power, and all the power ought to be in DC, and ideally in the hands of only the president -- as long as they are a member in good standing of "The Party" (TP - D).

But even national boundaries are too small for the ultimate optimization -- ONE global power with the appropriate massive bureaucracy of "experts" is CERTAINLY the "only reasonable way to run the world" if you a leftward thinker.

CONTROL, POWER and CENTRALIZATION! These are the "values" of the left elite. The idea that the "masses" are somehow "better off" as long as the elite gets their way is an "article of faith" -- decreed daily by TP and all it's world wide media minions. The masses have no right not to be blissfully happy in their sub-1K sq foot public or semi-public housing, 3 squares a day, with cable, internet and suitable entertainment.

Oddly, the "experts" are OFTEN wrong -- they were wrong about the idea that homes could be purchased by people with no credit history nor ability to pay the mortgage, because "homes would always go up in value". Thus, the  "great recession".

They were wrong that the USSR was a permanent fixture and Regan was a fool to suggest otherwise.

They were wrong that we were entering an ice age in the 1970's and they were wrong that the world was out of oil in the '70s. BO was very wrong when he said that it was impossible to frack our way to less than $2 gas, you could "keep your doctor" or that "al quaeda" (and terrorism) was "on the run".
BO told the UK to stay in the EU, it doesn't appear that everyone listens to "the one" as well as they are supposed to.

In the big picture, the elites assured us that there was no god in heaven and that they and their "education" were god -- "the fittest" survived, they were the "fittest", so we ought to all quit having children which were a "burden" since the planet couldn't support them.

Now, forty years later they inform us that we MUST have open borders because the population is not large enough to support the plans of the elite going forward -- they believe that brown skinned masses will be more compliant, accept even less housing and "stuff" and hopefully do a MUCH better job of shutting the F up so they don't need to listen to the damned "bitter clingers".

Why or why should common people want a "nation" or a "community" or "pride", or most stupidly of all a religion or creed when they can have all the sex they want, free stuff, and total freedom from responsibility? I'm sure that many an hour has been spent in deluxe hotels, private jets, yachts and such over excellent cabernets discussing the total ungratefulness of the unwashed masses for the obviously huge responsibility to make certain that the masses of sheep were tucked safely in their concrete warrens copulating indiscriminately -- full protected and TOTALLY birth controlled of course! Breeding masses of unwashed are a threat to the environment!

So is this the sign that the masses are actually smarter than  the elite imagines, or merely an aberration? We will get an important 2nd look in November!

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