Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dilbert, Hypnosis, Trump

How to Un-Hypnotize a Rabid Anti-Trumper | Scott Adams Blog:

If you want to go through the linked column, I think it is worthy relative to understanding persuasion. I very much enjoy that Adams indicates that if a "rabid anti-Trumper" is concerned about "his potential SCOTUS nominees", they have likely given the matter some thought and it is reasonable to just "agree to disagree". It shows he believes that rational people can come to different conclusions that ARE "thought out".

Adams is observing Trump from the POV of a "technical nerd persuasion scientist", here is his disclaimer at the end:
Note: I endorsed Hillary Clinton for my personal safety, because I live in California. But my political views do not align with any of the candidates for president. 
Personally, I would do better under a Clinton presidency. If Clinton gets elected, no one will blame me for anything she does in office. But if Trump wins, my blogging about his persuasion skills will make it look like my fault every time he does something you don’t like. I don’t need that trouble. 
Also, as a top one-percenter, I’m winning under the current system. Trump is the only candidate who has the persuasion skills to increase tax rates on the rich, so #imwithher, for selfish reasons.
He is a top 1%er -- so he can get around the massive taxes that those of us in the 98-80th% percentiles have to pay. I applaud his honesty!

He  uses four specific objections that are "media brainwashing" ( being hypnotized in his lexicon. "heavy persuasion" )
  1. Trump is a loose cannon that will offend other countries and may start nuclear war. 
  2. Trump is terrible at business because he has had several bankruptcies 
  3. Trump is a racist 
  4. Trump is anti-woman  and anti-GBLT 
He goes through what is essentially the "reverse hypnotism" that the media has worked on people to persuade them of these 4 ... factual objections, asking questions, obvious fallacies (Mexico is a country, not a race), obvious truths ( "all humans are biased" ), you WANT a president that discriminates against non-citizens. The job is President of the US, not "World Citizen" like the current putz!

It's worth the read, but not critical -- just be aware (as everyone that reads this blog ought to be) that most of what the media drives into our heads day after day after ... is pure propaganda, sloppy thinking, or downright lies intended to persuade us to support what is best for the 1% -- who of course run the media on BOTH "sides". 

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