Thursday, June 30, 2016

Extreme Tribal Logic, Pro-Choice, NRA

The Gosnell Memory Hole | commentary:

When all issues are primarily political and most of the population is a member of a political tribe that gives no quarter to the other tribes, then sort of discussions or reasoned debate become nearly impossible.

The linked article calls out how the recent widely hailed SCOTUS decision in Whole Women's Health vs Hellerstedt in TX that essentially outlaws state regulation of abortion clinics completely fails to recall the horror of Kermit Gosnell and his putrid house of horrors killing full term babies and women seeking abortions in Pennsylvania. The Gosnell story received very little coverage even though he was convicted and women lost their lives -- the BIG issue is "abortion always easy, close to free or free in cost, and very very available". To the extent possible, WITHOUT REGULATION! (could be the last thing that "liberals" think that about -- they are intent on regulating how much your toilet flushes for example!).

If the general public could think of the MSM on the issue of abortion like they are schooled to think of the NRA on the issue of guns, they might start to sense the world of tribal extremes.

Forget "common sense" -- we have two ideological camps that increasingly hate the other camp and want to see them "defeated / dishonored / destroyed ... preferably DEAD". Kill the NRA, kill anyone that wants to restrict / regulate / control abortion, etc.

The NRA of course doesn't ACTUALLY expect everyone to have a gun including felons, nor is it against ANY registration of guns -- or certainly not against guns functioning properly and being "safe" to the extent that they don't blow up and injure the operator.

But the abortion rights people ARE there! They explicitly don't care if places that provide abortions are regulated to be safe in their practice of medicine, clean, or even be run by a doctor that has proper credentials and is allowed to see patients at a nearby hospital! No, as long as that baby can be murdered, they want NO RESTRICTIONS -- and they mean NO RESTRICTIONS!

In comparison, the NRA is positively "progressive" -- it CERTAINLY wants guns to be regulated to be safe, accurate, reliable, etc, it STRONGLY supports training for everyone that uses guns in safety procedures, range rules, etc, etc., and it is even very active in trying to have CURRENT registrations / background checks, etc ENFORCED with ACTUAL PENALTIES -- but as we see over and over again, violators of current gun laws -- straw purchasers, etc are let off with little or no enforcement.

We live in the age of insanity -- there is really no other explanation for people who are supposedly "pro-woman" applauding the removal of any sort of regulation on procedures to be carried out on their bodies for the pre-medicated murder of their children. They don't care if "reasonable medical procedures" are followed, they just want those babies D E A D -- and that is ALL that matters!

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